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What’s your story?

Writing any blog is a pretty brave thing to do. We feel you. But you’ll feel amazing once you’ve done it. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to interest, inspire or move someone. It can also be really therapeutic for you.

Plus, if you’re a little unsure about spelling or grammar, or if you’re worried your writing won’t make sense – we’ve got you. All blogs receive a full edit from CheltenhamMaman prior to publication. We won’t change your words, but we’ll make sure your article is coherent and in tip top editorial condition.

“I wrote a guest blog for the website. Kate was so helpful through this and the response I received for the women’s group I am running was fantastic. I have tried other ways to reach women throughout the Cotswolds and this was by far the best. Kate has created something pretty magical, and as a mum and business owner, I visit the website all the time. Am-az-ing.”

Jennifer McDiarmid – Nutritional Therapist

“For me, writing this post for you was not only therapeutic but also, it helped bring a sensitive subject to light. I have been inundated with messages from other mums and mums to be. I thought that if I just managed to help one person then my work was worth it – the response was overwhelming.”

Karen Goodbrand, Blogger at Mission Style UK

We publish blogs about all kinds of things – and we never turn anyone away. 

It’s free too!

So, if you’re a blogger, a writer or a Maman with something interesting to say …

Email your blog to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com with some pictures, an about you page written in the third person, plus links to any blogs or social media accounts you want to include.

Be brave, Maman. Do it!

If you want to endorse a product, venue or service you can still write for us but visit our promote yourself page to understand our services. Then get in touch or submit your blog to request a quote.