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If you’re a blogger, a writer or just a Maman with something interesting to say submit your blog below to secure your publication slot. As long as you’re not promoting a business or organisation in any way it’s completely free to write! If you do want to endorse a family friendly product, venue or service you can still write but visit our endorsement page to understand our services and then get in touch or submit your blog to request a quote.

Some people are so surprised by how therapeutic writing a blog can be. We don’t turn anyone away, CheltenhamMaman is for all Mums and no writing style will be of interest to all Mums but you can guarantee that there is someone out there who wants to know more about what you have to say!

Don’t worry if you’re a little unsure of your spelling or grammar or worry that your writing won’t make sense. All blogs receive a full edit from CheltenhamMaman prior to publication. We won’t change your words but we’ll make sure your article is coherent and in tip top editorial condition.

Once you’ve submitted the form and uploaded your documents we will be in touch with your publication date.

Here’s the form…. (email cheltenhammaman@gmail.com if you have any problems with it.)

Is your blog a guest blog detailing your experiences as a mother or is it a post endorsing a business or profit making organisation (in which case you will be sent a quote for publication.)

I accept that I am passing on the publication rights for this blog to CheltenhamMaman Limited. Any publication will always be credited unless I have requested that it is published anonymously.


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