Will You Change Your View?

Will You Change Your View?

If you are a woman, chances are that you’ve looked in the mirror, peered closely at a number of perceived imperfections on your face and felt unhappy with your reflection. What a wild statement to make about one half of the human race (obviously men do this too, but women can be particularly hard on themselves). And yet, literally every woman I’ve spoken to about this admits it to be true. I’m guilty of it myself.

It’s what compelled me to help support women’s self-esteem while running my skincare brand, Willowberry. It was a natural progression, after so many women asked me if I was going to launch a product that gets rid of wrinkles/removes patches of skin pigmentation/etc, and then proceeded to point out their ‘flaws’ that needed to be ‘fixed’. Each time this happened it never failed to stun me that the beautiful woman in front of me had such a low view of herself. 

I realised that, while you might be analysing the details of your face, other people just see – you, the person as a whole. And this is what inspired my new video campaign for Willowberry, which I called Change Your View, to encourage people to look at themselves in a kinder light. 

Being a Cheltenham-based brand, I was of course thrilled that the lovely Cheltenham Maman herself, Kate Starkey, took part in the campaign. During filming, when these beautiful women sat in front of me and talked about how they see themselves, it became even more apparent to me that we need to change our mindset. 

I would love for you to watch the video above and to share the video with the women in your life, in the hope that it helps to change your view. And I urge you to take a step back from the mirror and see the person that everyone else sees. Because true beauty will shine through confidence, a smile, being kind to yourself, and that needs to come from your own inner talk. Will you change your view?

The full campaign can be seen at https://www.willowberry.co.uk/pages/self-esteem 

A Guest Blog from Jenni Retourné

Jenni Retourné lives in Cheltenham with her husband and their daughter Eva. Jenni is the founder of Willowberry, which offers high-performance natural skincare products with total ingredient transparency, while supporting women’s self-esteem.  Jenni is passionate about growing a brand with heart, integrity and transparency. You can find Willowberry on Instagram and Facebook.


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