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What To Expect From a Newborn Photoshoot

What To Expect From a Newborn Photoshoot

Ever wondered how photographers capture shots like these of the tiniest of babies? Well Zoe from the Cheltenham MumBoss Club tells us how she operates on the blog today….

Newborn Photography is getting more and more popular and mainstream within the UK.  Capturing babies in their first few weeks of entering this world is incredible.   Images document their tiny features and their amazing flexibility, that enabled them to be curled up and grow inside their Mothers womb.  A newborn photo shoot creates a lasting memory to look back on. Photos that document your new babies features before they start to develop and change.

Thinking about a newborn photo shoot can be daunting……….which photographer?  When does the shoot take place? What will happen at the session? WILL MY BABY BE SAFE? Questions that you need answered. This blog ‘Newborn photo shoot Gloucestershire,’What to expect?’ will answer those questions.

When to book?

Booking a newborn shoot is recommended soon after your 20 week scan, sooner if you wish.  The reason for this is because I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month.  This allows me to focus and provide a premium service. Nothing is compromised or rushed because my workload is stretched.  Having a limited number of sessions per month allows the flexibility of moving sessions, should a baby arrive early or late. The upmost care is dedicated to you and your new born baby.

Of course, being pregnant is a big deal, you have so much going on around in your head, I know, I have been there!  The idea of having precious images of your newborn is exciting, but looking into and booking a newborn photographer won’t be on the top of your list.   I will always do my best to fit a customer in should they contact me after their baby has arrived.

When does the photo shoot happen?

Newborn photography sessions ideally take place within the first two weeks of birth.  It is possible to get those curled up sleepy images up to 21 days old, but it does depend on the baby. However gorgeous images will still be captured.  By booking your session in before your baby arrives enable us to provisionally book in a date within 14 days of your due date. This means that you are booked into my diary and my time as been allocated to you.  We will arrange a call before your baby arrives to go through the session.   On the call I will advise how to prepare for the session and a follow up email will be sent with all the information you need.  Once your baby has come into the world you contact me and we confirm or rearrange the photo shoot.

Do we have a say on styling the session?

If you decide that I am the photographer you would like to book, the style of photography is one of the reason why you chose me.  I have spent a lot of time defining my style, but I would like to ensure that colours chosen are your choices.  The colours I use are mid tone colours and neutrals.  I love mid tones, they add colour without over powering the baby.  So before your session I will email you a list of colours and ask you which colours you would like to incorporate into the images.  I also offer prop shots,  your tiny baby will be safe and secure in a crate or basket.  Again you will asked which props you prefer.  All my props have been carefully sourced and will not overpower your baby.

The Newborn Photo Shoot Gloucestershire studio

An especially designed studio for baby photography.  You will enter a welcoming warm space with refreshments.  There is seating for you to relax and watch the session. The SAFETY of your baby is paramount.  I have carried out specialist training on how to pose a baby safely and to ensure the environment is ideal for this type of specialist newborn photo shoot.  I am a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association.  As you may know, a baby can not regulate their temperature, so the studio needs to be 25-28 degrees celsius, to ensure the comfort of your baby. Here is a slideshow and more information about my studio

The Session

Once you have settled into the studio we begin. Should a sibling be involved in the session then these photographs are captured first.  By photographing sibling and baby first it enables the older child to be taken away after.  It’s not fair for an older child to have to wait until the session has finished. Time is taken for your child to adjust, nothing is rushed! The session takes between two and four hours.

Sessions are baby led, meaning that although I have a routine in which I photography the poses, I will adapt if a baby is a little unsettled.  Through my experience I have learnt what works best to help babies feel more settled and safe.  Please be assured that time is always available for feeding and cuddles.  This is an experience parents will love and not feel stressed.

Beanbag posing

We start on the beanbag. Sometimes a baby is sound asleep so we begin with the first pose. Should a baby be very alert and decided sleeping isn’t for them at that time then I adapt my routine and wrap them.  Images of a wrapped baby when they are awake are adorable. You get their beautiful big eyes without their flying around arms. Wrapping is a great way to relax an unsettled baby and they often drift off to sleep.

Prop shots

Once the beanbag poses are finished we move on to the props.  Your baby will be snug and safe and look adorable.

Parent shots

Not all parents feel like being in front of the camera and that is fine, you will not feel any pressure from me. However should you wish to have a couple of photos with your new baby, then this happens at the end of the session.  Should a sibling be present these shots are moved to the beginning of the session.

At the end of the session you take your time. Feed, cuddle or finish your refreshments.

When do we view our photos?

You will be invited back to the studio within 2-4 weeks for your personal viewing/ordering session.   It is a very relaxed meeting where you will watch a slide show of 20 beautifully edited images.  Products are available to see and touch, and you would have seen them in the studio on the day of your newborn shoot.  I do not believe in hard sales, I run away from them. I will offer advice on products, but what you spend is down to you.

A Guest Blog from Zoe Alcock
About Zoe

Zoe is a Gloucester based Mum of two and part of the Cheltenham MumBoss Club. 

To book a Newborn Photo Shoot with Zoe you can either contact her via her website HERE or call her on 07900 433 058.  


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