What to do with the Cotswold Kids this Wintry Weekend?..

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At CMHQ this weekend is all about the CheltenhamBébé’s third birthday! I’m totally ashamed to say that we have gone about three times as wild with her as we did with the boys! That bit of perspective we’ve gained through having a massive age gap has meant that she’ll be having ALL the balloons and a very special cake (the boys have only ever had Colin the Caterpillars!)

But though we are very busy I’m conscious that this time of year is tough. There’s very little to do and we’re all still in half hibernation mode post Christmas. But actually children do need to get out and about – we all know that a happily knackered child will, more often than not, sleep well and that means we can sleep well too and then well…. everyone’s a winner. (Note – huge apologies for the smugness if you’re that parent whose child NEVER sleeps.)

So here’s a few ideas for anyone looking down the barrel of an empty weekend with kids! Weather report suggests a 40% chance of rain Saturday and sun on Sunday so you might have to wake up and play it by ear! Hope it’s helpful for a few of you – if you try any of these ideas out be sure to let us know!

Cotswolds winter weekend with kids

Rumour has it that the snowdrops are popping up at various places throughout the county. Rococo Gardens just outside Painswick are a great place to go in search of them (though no guarantees – it’s still early). Open all weekend you can explore the beautiful gardens and remind yourselves that children’s high pitched squeals are so much easier to handle when you’re in the fresh air! It’s just under £22 admission for a family of four and with great cake on offer this makes for a really nice morning or afternoon activity leaving you free to spend the rest of the day drinking tea on the sofa guilt free.

If you’ve jumped on the Marie Kondo decluttering bandwagon this January why not do your bit for the environment too and involve the kids in packing up the tupperware cupboard and heading off to have a rummage and shop at Cheltenham’s brand new plastic free shop, Food Loose and Plastic Free! On offer are a range of organic and fair-trade dried goods such as beans, seeds, dried fruit, grains and nuts as well as a variety of refillable household and personal cleaning products such as washing-up liquid, toilet cleaner, shampoo and liquid soap and wax wraps, loose toilet rolls, bamboo toothbrushes, re-useable coffee cups and much more! You can also enjoy a cuppa in their on site cafe!

plastic free food loose cheltenham

Parents of children aged 4-7 should definitely pop along to School House Kitchen tomorrow for some arty activities with The Colour Club! Tomorrow morning at 10.45 Jen will be reading the popular children’s story ‘Birdsong’ by Ellie Sandall and leading families in making bird mobiles. Find out more and book here (£5 per child) and be sure to grab a delicious coffee (and maybe even brunch) from the café which offers a serious selection of healthy and not so healthy brekkies.

Cotswolds winter weekend with kids

Try out Skaters Club at Leisure@Cheltenham! Some or all of the family can strap on roller skates and get competitive in the massive sports hall just off Tommy Taylor’s Lane. Skating starts at 5.45pm and finishes at 7.15. Entrance and skate hire is £7.

Cotswolds winter weekend with kids

Finally if that sun does come out on Sunday we can never recommend enough All Things Wildin Honeybourne just beyond Broadway. It’s an impressively stocked wildlife park open all through the winter and there is always something new to see! Walk the dinosaur trail and enjoy some time on the multiple parks on offer and then warm up over a hot chocolate while the children go mad on the soft play. Best of both worlds and you can be certain they will give you a peaceful evening after all that exercise! We definitely recommend the season ticket for this place if you’re not too far away!

Cotswolds winter weekend with kids

However you spend it make sure you have a good one. January can feel like the longest month ever but the days can only get longer from hereon-in! Keep going Mamans!


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