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Welcome to the World of Nutrition

Welcome to the World of Nutrition

And Women’s Wellbeing.

The female body is truly amazing. Fact. On average we are better at multi-tasking then men, live longer, have a better memory and have a better sense of taste. Not only that, but our bodies produce life – have you ever stopped to think about how astonishing that is? Granted, as a mum to two young children myself, normally when your precious bundles enter the world you are too exhausted to really appreciate what your body managed to do, and instead can spend months looking in the mirror at things that are so much more wobbly, wider and stretched then they ever were in your pre-baby body.

I am not a feminist, but I am a nutritionist and have decided to make it my mission to use the knowledge I have to help as many women as I can to realise just how utterly amazing they are, how astonishing their bodies are, and how, through nutrition and a holistic approach you can feel the best you can.

Starting in February 2017, I am launching the start of the Women’s well-being club. This club is designed to educate and empower women on the power of nutrition and their bodies. Whether you have a health condition be it physical or mental, want to lose weight, have more energy or simply want to learn more about nutrition and get back your zest for life this course is for you!

It will last 12 months, meeting on the first Thursday of each month between 7pm – 9pm in South Cerney near Cirencester. During these meetings we will discuss different elements of nutrition that can have a profound impact on your body and mind. In between meetings there is full support from me and also the group as a whole – women supporting women to achieve their individual health goals.

Please be assured this isn’t a generic course. Upon registering, I will send you out a detailed questionnaire which I will then analyse to form the start of your wellbeing journal. I will give these out in the first meeting so you can see your personalised nutrition and well-being profile and how you can tailor the course to meet your individual needs.

Usually there is a £40 registration fee to join the course, however, if you want to join the course before January and mention you saw this post on this amazing website, I will not charge any registration fee, and instead the only fees payable are simply £25 per meeting for EVERYTHING – this is the group meetings, notes, food tasting, recipes, group support and individual support. This is the only course that is based on science and women’s health to deliver you a first class service to help you on your health mission.

So does this mean that I am super human?

No, unfortunately. I am human. I didn’t come into this world with an ability to eat a ‘clean’ diet and never crave sugar or processed food. Quite the opposite. Before doing my degree and subsequent diplomas I was a sugar and coffee addict, and I am not exaggerating. I lived off sugar and coffee as I had no energy or inclination to do anything else. It’s only through the knowledge I have gained that I have seen the power that nutrition can have to really nourish our bodies, and believe me, if I can change anyone can.

I have spent a number of years doing private consultations, family consultations, cookery courses and demonstrations as well as supporting various charities including Shine for women with post-natal depression. Although I still offer all these services, I feel now is the time to launch this course to offer long term support to anyone who needs it, in an informal, nurturing and caring environment.

This course will only run once a year and places are limited, so if you want to book a place or find out more then please either contact me, or visit the fabulous Pillar of Health Website www.pillarofhealth.co.uk which has a huge amount more detail on the course.

Together, I know we can achieve anything.

A Guest Blog from Pillar of Health 

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and mum of two young children. Being a mum to two young children, she understands nutrition in the real world – the advice she provides is with a real head on, whilst also trying to compact the most nutrient dense foods into your body in the easiest way possible.

Having trained to BSC level in generic nutritional therapy, Jennifer decided to do some specialist training in the field of cancer and nutrition, but also in women’s health having completed a specific diploma in this area. Jen is on a mission to empower women and educate them on how important nutrition is for their health and well-being. As well as running a private practice, Jennifer is also one of the Nutritional Therapists working at Maggie’s Cancer Charity as well as working with Shine, a charity for women with post-natal depression and also delivering corporate workshops. Her business is growing, along with her thirst for knowledge… she plans to undertake her next degree in biochemistry next year.

You can visit Jennifer’s site, Pillar of Health or follow her on Twitter. Or even use the old fashioned telephone and drop her a line on 07766 015161.



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