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Wear What’s There

Wear What’s There

January saw me lay down a personal challenge to only wear what was already in my wardrobe come the New Year chimes of Big Ben, for an entire year. 

The reason I undertook the project was to challenge my reasons for shopping, break the habit and create some distance between myself and the consumer trap. I was such a sucker for social media accounts that posted pictures of clothes which, along with many other people, I rushed out to buy in order to recreate that look. I wish I could honestly say that I just bought stuff to recreate a look. But upon examining my motives and heart I’ve realised that ‘the look’ I’ve gone after is more ‘that life’. As if subconsciously I was missing out if I didn’t have it. 

Anyway, my eyes have been opened. I of course still get great yearnings to shop – I still want to look good and will enjoy shopping once we’ve hit 2019, but with a totally different perspective. 

So now what do I do with that? I can pat myself on the back for becoming a more astute consumer and I can triumph in enjoying the clothes I didn’t know I loved.

However, what would be ace, is if people joined me and together applied a little more pressure to the breaks of the fast fashion car. I can’t sit here and give you facts about disposable fashion and the pitfalls for our world – I haven’t the time or the energy to research. But I can anecdotally say surely it’s not good for our planet or it’s inhabitants to be so very consumer driven and for us everyday (no offence intended!) women to be filling the pockets of big businesses because of our fear that we are not enough as we are? Please say it’s not just me. Have you too fallen for the trap? Could you actually feel confident in clothes you’ve had for a while? Can you still enjoy fashion without jumping on the consumer train? 

 I’m not suggesting we all give ourselves an empty pat on the back by feeling rotten in ill-fitting and frumpy clothes. I am absolutely not casting judgement on those who love to shop (I still do!!) and I am not suggesting we place too much importance on our appearance either.   I am saying yes, let’s embrace our beauty and dress it well with what we have, so far as we can. I am saying, when we shop, let us buy carefully to ensure it really fits and will stand the test of time. And I am saying yes, let’s see how stylish we can be without even a swipe of the finger or contactless card. 

So are you with me? If so, hop along – I’ll be starting a sneaky little # as of the 9th of June. I mainly look my best at weekends (I hope so now that I’ve made such a bold statement!) and as this is supposed to be a celebration of years old clothes, I thought it best to harness this! So I give you #wearwhatsthereweekend 

How to play? Wear an outfit created from clothes that were purchased prior to 2018. Take a snap. Post on Instagram or Facebook. Tag me @wearwhatsthere and #wearwhatsthereweekend Let’s see if together we can show ‘em we don’t need their new things to feel fab. 

A Guest Blog from Anna Ludeford

About Anna

Follow Anna on Instagram and read her occasional blog posts at www.wearwhatsthere.wordpress.com

 Anna is a thirty – something mum of two living in glorious Cheltenham. She teaches dance for a living and embraces the activewear look even at Aldi – but that’s mainly because she’s been at or is going to work and can’t be bothered to get dressed again! 

For more facts about how we can be more earth friendly, don’t miss the Planet Friendly Parenting Event hosted by Cheltenham Maman and Ethical Hour on the 26th June. 


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