Top of the Towns

Top of the Towns

A guest blog from Cara Sutherland


Let me start by hitting you with a fun fact. The Telegraph voted Cheltenham the number one place to raise a family. Amongst it’s list of reasons were schooling, low crime rate, festivals, thriving sport culture and the lido.

The reality is that Cheltenham is full of great mums who have the right level of ‘darling please don’t touch the sticky children, be friends with the ones in Hunter wellies, now that’s a good boy’ which in my book is how to raise the future.

It has a Mecca for the refined sugar free, matcha chai vanilla bean, grown in the trees of narnia coffee types in Whole Foods.

It holds festivals which encourage you to not only take your children along with you but also to get tipsy while they are in your care. (Or at least that’s how I interpret the food and drink festival)

It has the most instagram worthy walls and front doors in Montpellier and cherry blossom trees in Pitville park. Not to mention that playground that is impossible to scoop your defiant two year old back out of.


I love it here because I see mums carrying hydrangeas in the pram instead of extra baby wipes. I see them mutter for fucks sake before they answer ‘yes darling we can go pop in to see the bubbles in the arcade’

I’m happy to raise my boys in a town where they can easily buy me Jo Malone for Mother’s Day.

The list really is endless and certainly more fruitful than the Telegraph wrote. It’s a town that has something for everyone. It’s diverse, educational and full of mothers who want the best for their children. I’m proud to call it home.


About Cara

Cara Sutherland is a Cotswold girl and Mum of two little boys. She entertains the Mamans de Cheltenham on a daily basis via her hilarious and honest Instagram account @carasuthers and her fantastic withinthesewallsblog . CheltenhamMaman is thrilled to welcome Cara as it’s first guest blogger. Visit the Telegraph site to see why Cheltenham was voted the Number 1 place to raise a family.




  1. Elena Abell
    June 16, 2016 / 11:31 am

    Cara has nailed all that is great about Chelters. Except for the coffee; there is great coffee to be found in this town and as a mum, that is, in my view, essential. #lovecheltenham

    • kateandlilabug
      June 16, 2016 / 1:08 pm

      She has indeed Elena but agree with your point about coffee. Have you tried the Coffee Dispensary yet in Regent Street? It’s a great spot!

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