Top 5 Things You Need When You’ve Had a Baby

Top 5 Things You Need When You’ve Had a Baby

Whether you’ve just peed on a stick and got those 2 pink lines or if you’re at the stage where you’re bouncing on a ball trying to induce your labour, the thought of ‘What do I need to buy?’ as more than likely popped in your your head at least once. What to buy, what you’ll need to get before baby arrives, what’s a must have and what’s just a baby gimmick. This is always on the list of ‘things to know’ when we work out the agenda for antenatal class. 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this as lots of it is personal preference but I thought I’d give you my top 5 products that I couldn’t live without for both a new mother and baby. 

1. A Hakaa- This is a breast pump costing a grand total of.. wait for it… £11. Yes that’s right. The reason why I love this one so much is because it’s so easy to use and even for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to feed their baby with expressed milk in a bottle, it’s still a great purchase. In the first few weeks your body will be working out how much milk your baby needs. What this can mean is that your breasts get extremely full. I mean day 2 after baby you’ll go to bed with your normal breasts and day 3 you’ll wake up feeling like Pamela Anderson. What the Hakaa does is, it can draw out the milk that’s making your breasts sooo full that baby is struggling to latch. Plus, it can catch the milk from one breast whilst you’re feeding off the other one. Meaning that none is wasted in a breast pad. You can then freeze this milk for 6 months! Aldi do a version of the Hakaa as a set with breast milk storage bags for a grand total of… £4.99!! 

2. A Sling – Everyone always bangs on about what kind of buggy are you going to get and will you need to remortgage your house to purchase it. But… for many babies, they don’t even like the buggy, especially the carry cots. Which means that you end up pushing your all singing, all dancing £1000 push chair… WHILST CARRYING YOUR BABY… ludicrous! A sling means that in these situations you can wrap your sling around your body and then continue pushing your buggy with 2 hands whilst your baby sleeps soundly on you and you can get your shopping done. It also
means that around the house when baby is having a day where they just want to be against your body, moving around (which is what they know best) you can use the sling and still have your arms free for whatever you need to be doing. 

3. White noise- Baby’s love white noise. They have been used to hearing your heart beat, your blood whooshing in your body and muffled noises for their whole lifetime. Then they come out into this world and everything is either dead quiet, from it being night time and them not being able to hear your body noises. Or really loud, from the sound of the TV no longer muffled by your skin. Sensory overload! White noise is a great sleep aid. You can purchase apps on your phone or use YouTube for white noise. There are other baby gadgets too such as Ewan the Sheep That also produce white noise.

4. Large Muslin Squares- These can be used for everything. From swaddling your baby, helping out with leaky boobs, baby vomit or being used as a cover for when your out and about breastfeeding. They are just handy things to have and a new mother should never be more than an arms stretch away from one!

5. Audible or a Netflix subscription- You will have many lonely nights walking the halls with an unsettled baby. You will have many lonely nights with a baby that is just wide awake between the hours of 2am and 4am and just wants to suck his own toes and gurgle at the crib sides. There is nothing that you can do to “fix” this as it doesn’t need fixing. The concept of time is something that your baby doesn’t know of. It was during these times where I binged watched Netflix, wrote blogs or listened to books on audible. You can get stressed about it or enjoy the time, but you can’t physically make a baby sleep when they don’t want to. The best piece of advice I was given was this, you can’t control your baby but you can control what you do about it. So if your baby is up between the hours of 2&4am then get yourself to bed at 8pm when they sleep or make your partner do the morning wake up. 

These are my Top 5 best purchases that I believe will be helpful to you. One thing to keep in mind is this. What you’ll remember most about pregnancy, birth and those early days is the birth. You will bring your baby into the world on that day. Birth is not just a means to an end. It’s the mark of the end of a pregnancy and the start of being a mother. It’s just as, if not more important as your wedding day that you spend thousands of pounds on and months sometimes years of prepping. You will remember your birth and how it made you feel more so than the colour fabric of your baby’s pram or the colour of the walls in the nursery or whether they had the latest baby toy or their first outfit. 

Birth is so much more than one day. Birth matters.

To get yourself fully prepared for birth and for those early days after and to get free access to our post natal courses on weaning, sleep, colic and reflux then we have some spaces at our antenatal weekend at Cowley Manor on September 14th and 15th with midwife Mia. If you’re getting more nervous and overwhelmed as birth and baby approaches then come along. You will get there and instantly feel like you’ve got this for both birth and parenthood. Details of the antenatal weekend and all of our other midwife led antenatal courses and hypnobirthing classes can be found here.

An Guest Blog from MumBoss, Beth Kitt

About Beth

Beth from The Bump to Baby Chapter is a midwife working at Gloucester hospital. She runs positive antenatal classes at The Hatherley Manor and realistic hypnobirthing groups in Cheltenham. She is a mother of 3 children and 1 boxer dog. She is always well caffeinated and is often seen not far from a coffee shop. You can find The Bump to Baby Chapter on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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