The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication

I hope that you are all well and feeling back into the swing of things after the summer? I just wanted to give you some more information about what you can expect from my Workshop (that Kate is kindly hosting via the MumBoss Club but suitable for all) on the Power of Communication on 26th September in Dumbleton Village Hall. 

I am a Clarity4D facilitator, which, similarly to Myers Briggs and Insights Discovery, is based on the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. Clarity4D, like Insights, uses colour as a form of communication keeping it simple and easily recognisable. 

I first started using personality types when I was working in Sales five years ago. It instantly changed my life; I understood the reasons for my personal communication and behavioural styles, I recognised traits in others and where they were coming from, and I had a clearer understanding of how I could adapt my behavioural style to communicate with others most effectively, and get the best results. My sales increased and any niggles I had with colleagues decreased, as I started to understand the motive for their actions and why they were behaving as they were. 

In the session, we will be looking at self-awareness (no need to be nervous – it’s great that we are all different and the confidence of understanding this can give some amazing ah-ha moments), perception, recognising other types of communication and behavioural preferences, and most importantly, how you can put all this new found knowledge in to the real world. I certainly wish I’d learn it when I was 15 and not 35!

Personally, I’ve used these techniques with client sales, client referrals, repeat business, new supplier relationships and staff retention. I also use it with my husband (and he uses it back!), my children, family and friends. It all helps create stronger relationships – which we come across in every aspect of our lives. 

These are vital life skills, because when we know more about ourselves and how others perceive us, and learn to recognise the communication styles in others, we can learn to communicate effectively and discover our hidden potential.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Gustav Jung

Snap up your tickets to The Power of Communication here and join an intimate group of wonderful local women (Kate and I can’t wait to welcome you) for a very special few hours of self development and nourishment!


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