The Mother of All Multi Taskers

The Mother of All Multi Taskers

Do you remember how you thought you were really efficient before you had children? How you thought you had so little spare time…. now you’re a parent I’m guessing you’re having a big fat laugh at your hilarious self? I know I am… not that I can really remember!

When you become a Mum you very quickly get very good at making the most of every single second. You can eat every meal one handed, you can fold laundry whilst learning how to make World Book Day costumes on youtube and you can make important phone calls whilst batch cooking lasagne. Time is precious and if, like me,  you only get one special hour on your butt watching Netflix each night you will move mountains to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do.

Sometimes though, we let things get a little out of hand. Lots of us work or run our own businesses and we get so very good at having a go at everything that we cease to enjoy what we do, the quality of the work we do starts to suffer and we often can’t appreciate quality time with our families as we are so very busy keeping all of those many plates spinning in the air.

What’s the answer? Well it’s easy…… outsource everything you can afford to that you don’t love and don’t need to be doing.

I’ve recently met a MumBoss who has made helping others juggle eggs into her own business. As a personal assistant in various forms for the last 17 years Debbie Wilkinson is a jack of all trades and a master at most of them too!

Debbie has a professional background in insurance, finance, engineering, estate agency, HR and equine business management and set up her own business supporting others in 2015 after starting her family. She started out typing inventories for a large letting agent in London and realised that she loved the autonomy of working for herself combined with the relationships she was able to build with long term clients in such varied business fields and walks of life. Since that time Debbie has been lucky enough to have a steady stream of clients finding their way to her via word of mouth but the recent retirement of one of them means she now has the capacity to support one or two other lucky people out there – whether that be with business admin – she has a wealth of experience in book keeping, invoicing, payroll, proof reading, event organisation, reports, project management, time scheduling and appointment making, or  personal admin – home affairs, utility bill management, pet/children admin, parents/family member admin (care homes/house sales admin), property maintenance/conversion/renovation admin – she really could make a big difference to your stress levels.

So if you’re at the end of your tether being more efficient than is healthy (or perhaps not being very efficient at all) then Debbie just might be your fairy godmother. You can take a look at the services she offers and her pricing structure on her website or say hello on Facebook or LinkedIn. 



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