The Huge Potential of ‘Returner Mums’

The Huge Potential of ‘Returner Mums’
For over 5 years I have proactively sort to recruit ‘returner mums’ into my business…there are so many reasons for doing this and I have had so many successes with this policy. We recruit and employ a variety of types of people but I can say with absolute confidence the ‘returner mums’ are some of the very best.

With all of these hires, the women have previously worked (in a huge variety of careers) ahead of taking time out to have children and have wanted, for a variety of reasons, to come back to work. Hence the term ‘returner mum’! In many instances they are seeking to ease themselves back into work, both to balance all important childcare responsibilities and I hope they wont mind me saying this…also to build back their confidence. It helps them to remember the great impact and contribution they can, and certainly do, make at work.

In my years of doing this, each and every returner mum has been fantastic. Not all of them are still with me now, some have gone onto bigger and better things…for which I am delighted for them. But many have been with me for many years, building very successful careers, growing their earnings and becoming integral to the success of my business.

So why have they been so good?
They are hard working, committed, can draw on their previous work and life skills, they are great at juggling multiple projects and activities; are hugely resilient, and if I am honest with the challenges of running a business in what has been a turbulent number of years for the UK have supported me through those tough times with maturity and understanding.

What I can offer in return is flexibility, (be that us flexing, when needed, around those unexpected childcare issues or part time hours to fit for example around the school run), a bit more time off over the long summer holidays, a supportive environment when they ‘come back to work’, the opportunity to grow their capabilities and responsibilities, and a respect for what they have to offer and the valuable contribution they can and do make.

I have every intention of continuing with this very successful policy and would encourage every business, if they are not already, do the same!

A Guest Blog from Simon Reichwald

About Simon

Simon was educated in Gloucestershire and lives with his family in Cheltenham (his wife Libby runs the popular pre-loved children’s clothes shop, Carousel). He has worked in apprentice and graduate recruitment for over 20 years, supporting young people to make the transition from education (be that from school or university) into the world of work. His clients are many of the largest companies in the UK whom he helps engage with, attract and recruit great talent. You can visit his website, follow MyKindaFuture on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or contact Simon:

Simon Reichwald

Strategic Lead for Emerging Talent
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