The Holidays Are Coming!

The Holidays Are Coming!

Ladies I don’t mean to panic anyone but the mainstream schools break up for summer in T minus 10 working days.

I’ll just give you a moment to process that.

So you’ll either be in the #cherisheverymoment camp who sees this image/quote that’s been doing the rounds on Instagram (sorry for the terrible resolution) and thinks ‘I really am #blessed (in which case this is not the blog for you), or you’re in my camp. The one where actually the age gap of your children means you’ll have 29 summers with your children and that really is more than any lucky Maman could wish for so thanks very much but I’ll do a smidge of outsourcing this summer.

But finding summer activities can be tough. More often than not the children never want to go but if you can get them there they absolutely love it and you have to drag them away from their new friends and camp leaders in fits of tears. For those of you who work in traditional employed roles you just HAVE to find somewhere safe, fun and welcoming for your little ones to go or you quite simply won’t have a job – I’ve been there and ladies you will NOT be judged on that decision here – carry on feeding your kids and providing them with opportunities guilt free.

Today I want to tell you about a local option, running throughout the summer from Cheltenham Ladies College (who we all know have brilliant facilities), that may be able to help.

Kings Camps run during school holidays and are suitable for children aged 4-17 years. Choose from flexible daily or week packages, with extended hours also available. Kinds Camp provide families with high-quality childcare and offer children fantastic holiday experiences.

Kings Camps are a nationally recognised, industry leading activity camp provider, which has been established since 1992, providing activity camps to thousands of children across the U.K.  They accept childcare vouchers and offer subsidised places for some children.

Weekly camps start from £103 or we offer daily care for £42 a day.

To find out more and book your child or children on take a look at their website, give them a call on 0114 263 2160 or email info@KingsCamps.org

However you make it through the summer holidays don’t let your decisions be scrutinised by others!



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