Teetering on the Edge of my True New Year

Kate Starkey The MumBoss Club

For many of us Mums, the reality is that this evening feels more like the eve of a New Year than the 31st December. It’s been impossible really to get stuck in to achieving very much with the children off school and that strange, half blissful and half never ending feeling of just wanting to hunker down and enjoy pyjama mornings while we can.

But tonight the alarms will be set (for those of us lucky enough not to have children offering a free wake up call service), the packed lunches made (this week at least – in a fortnight we’ll be back to cobbling together sandwiches in a sleep fog the morning of), the uniform is ready to go and like me you may be feeling a little apprehensive about your return to whatever your version of a normal routine looks like.

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I’m conflicted by being so excited about my new found enthusiasm for my work but slightly terrified about whether this is the year everyone will find out that I’m hopelessly under qualified for the job at hand. I’m thrilled to be full to the brim with new ideas but I’ve also really enjoyed sitting about in my pyjamas until 1pm each day so not entirely sure how I’ll fit it all in. I know that with routine comes that hamster wheel feeling of racing from school runs to meetings to the washing machine to the dishwasher to parents evening and then to sleep but I sort of need that, just a bit less of it.

So how to figure out which parts of ‘hibernation mode’ to carry forward into real life…. this is my part self care part damage limitation list of things I must not stop.

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  1. Cooking. Since actual New Year I’ve been thinking about the day ahead and what it means for my stomach almost as soon as I wake up. Soup most days for lunch made in my Lidl Croque Monsieur (not an ad but this contraption is honestly the best kitchen item I’ve ever bought and if Lidl get new stock of them I absolutely recommend that you get one.) It’s easy this time of year to really get into making hearty and home made soups, stews and curries but I really really would like to carry this forward to the year head.
  2. Reading. I’ve read so much over Christmas. I’m doing that bad thing of reading about six books at the same time but it really doesn’t matter as long as I’m reading. I’ve just joined the Cotswold Reading Circle too to try and keep my book consumption on track. Currently on my nightstand are The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Michelle Obama’s Becoming, In Extremis (The Biography of Marie Colvin) and Life Honestly, a collection of essays from The Pool (great for picking up and putting down.) They are all pretty heavy so I’ll be looking to add something light hearted to the mix pretty soon (hit me up with your suggestions!)
  3. Moving – it’s a good thing and I need to do more of it! I just don’t know how to prioritise it over everything else…. I’ve got my local hour long walk (which includes a massive hill climb) down to 45 minutes and I need to keep it up.
  4. Sleeping – this one is so important and it’s only when you start to experience great sleep again after having had a baby that you really appreciate how much of a priority it should be in your life. To anyone out there wondering if their baby will ever let you sleep again…. 1. most babies will grow out of it and 2. if yours isn’t a baby but you’re stuck in a cycle you can’t figure out how to break – get help. I can recommend some great people to support you to sleep again (just message me) and don’t say you can’t afford it – go without every and any other luxury you are accustomed to for a month – a good night’s sleep will be better for you than all of them combined.
  5. Focusing – this is a biggy for me. I’ve built a business by saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way and this year it’s time to streamline my mission and only accept work and pursue opportunities that are in line with my vision. FOCUS KATE.
2019 Tattooist of Auschwitz

That’s it – my mission for 2019 – no resolutions, no limitations (that’s a lie – I’m stopping clothes shopping but so far that’s not feeling like a hardship) just changes that have made me happier that I work to carry forward from the holidays to the everyday.

My first day of term wish to you all is that you get to enjoy a hot coffee tomorrow morning and have twenty minutes just to breathe, forget that yesterday you were ready to board a train to anywhere just to get away from your families and think about what it is your mind and your body have thanked you for this Christmas holiday. Then bottle it and drink it every single day.

It’s 2019 Mamans.



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