Teen Gear for a New School Year

back to school teen

Me every other week: ‘Hey boys can I take some pictures of you to go on the blog?’

My teenage boys every other week: ‘NO!’ – ‘you’re honestly so embarrassing!’

Me this week: ‘Hey boys can I take some pictures of you wearing these Superdry coats and backpacks I’ve been sent to go with your school uniform?’

My teenage boys this week: ‘Where do I stand?’ ‘Is this pose any good?’ ‘Should I point into the distance?’

Honestly teenagers are tricky people to please. Turns out so are heads of year. The task of pleasing your teenagers (by letting them bend the school uniform rules as far as possible before they snap), pleasing teachers (who want children to look motivated and responsible in class)and pleasing myself (as the lucky person who gets to shell out for the school gear) is a serious mission and I’m excited to present not only a solution, but a solution from a company that started out in my stomping ground of Cheltenham when I was a similar age to my teenage sons (did anyone else bend all  their school uniform rules back in the day by shopping at what was then Cult Clothing?)

   back to school teen

At almost 14 and 16 and being lanky like their dad, my boys have been wearing small mens’ sizes for a while now. Superdry‘s back  to school gear comprises of men’s wind cheaters and jackets in versatile, hard wearing fabrics and in colours that won’t have the teachers more stressed than they already are. Girls are not forgotten – having drawn it’s influence this season from the 80s hip hop scene in New York girls can snap up puffa jackets with pops of colour to help them stay on trend and keep them warm at the bus stop.

Then there’s the accessories. My boys chose a couple of traditional backpacks that they felt showcased their own unique sense of style but at Superdry these bags are ergonomically designed and sturdy meaning I won’t be shelling out again before the year is through.

So hurry along…. now is the time to get organised and keep your teen happy (and even though we don’t want them all ruling the roost you can’t argue that when they’re happy – we can be happy!)

Here’s a few of my other favourites that I picked from the site. Click straight on the picture to be taken to the site.

Vessel Jacket – now half price! 

Rookie Down Parker Jacket 

Stem Floral Montana Rucksack

This post has been sponsored by Superdry. All thoughts are my own.


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