Taking a Leap…

Taking a Leap…

And Creating the Life you Love.

I had the typical upbringing. Two parents, two kids. Dad working away, mum juggling home life, jobs, cleaning, childcare and holding the family together. I’ve always associated success with hard work and hard work to me has always meant studying and working for someone else. I was working all the hours in the day for an average wage – this always felt like the “right” thing to do especially when life threw me off track and I found myself as a single parent and sole provider for my daughter. I had to make ends meet and to be honest, having a career that I enjoyed and paid enough, didn’t seem attainable. I was missing out on family life, becoming increasingly unhappy and unfulfilled and a bit bitter about working life.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, Sarah, started her own business @instaweddinguk specialising in artistic photography and cinematic videography. We first met at college studying Media and were bought together again during our simultaneous pregnancies of our first children, bonded by hormones and flatulence (sorry Sarah!!). Soon after, she founded Insta-wedding and kicked me out of the door, camera in hand to film a wedding. Amid my hesitation, Sarah told me to do this for me. With her continuous support, I have never looked back! I never knew I could have a career which allowed me to be so creative and obtain real job satisfaction. It didn’t feel right? I carried on in my 9-5 alongside wedding videography but I soon craved more creativity and flexibility in my working life.


In a bid to broaden my horizons over the past year or so, surrounding myself with like-minded, determined people, I started my pseudonym @mumontherun101. I found a community I felt naturally drawn to and became less inhibited when expressing myself. Little did I know that this community would inspire me to start something of my own and lead me to feel like I could create a life I loved. I feel like I have a little network to turn to when I’m going through the anxieties of juggling work and parenthood. I have also made some amazing friendships with people and more importantly, I have enjoyed watching people smashing their goals because it makes it more realistic for me to set and reach my own.  It’s like having a crowd of cheerleaders (who also compliment your new haircut!).

In September, after an incredibly busy and exciting wedding season, I did not want to put my camera down during the week any longer. I decided to give up my 9-5 and that’s when I started Lick social. The whole ethos behind my business is to help other companies generate fresh video content for their online platforms. With social media and digital marketing constantly evolving, I have realised that this is the place that will always challenge me and hold my interest. I have been lucky enough to work on some really exciting projects to kick start my business which I’m so excited to reveal soon!

At first, I held myself back because I thought I still had too much to learn or I didn’t have time, I didn’t have enough contacts… But, as people always tell you, things have a habit of working themselves out, provided you want it badly enough. No one ever became successful by getting it right every time – they had to continue to learn and evolve. No matter how scary it is being in new and unknown territory or how much you feel you should just “conform” and work in a “normal” job, do what will truly make you happy because that’s where you will succeed.

Life really is short, you can achieve anything you want to, you just have to take the first step. Success is not an overnight thing, having an honest and supportive network of likeminded people to lean on and learn from is imperative! There is no such thing as ‘there’s no friends in business!’. Theres plenty of us, you’re never truly jumping alone!

A Guest Blog from Sian Davis

Sian is a busy photographer, videographer and Mum! You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook as Mum On The Run 101. 




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