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Take Me Outside – Into a Green Garden

Take Me Outside – Into a Green Garden

It’s one of my all time favourite songs from Laura Mvula – anyone know it?

It’s the title of this blog as every year when the sun starts to shine and we reclaim the use of extra space outside, life suddenly seems a little lighter, everyone has that bit more space and I feel so much more relaxed.

We’re big barbecuers in this house (well he is – I just do all the shopping , prep, deliver the food to the bbq, oh and then deliver the liquid when he sets it all on fire, and then wash up) so as soon as it gets warm enough we’re outside most evenings.

I’m thinking it’s unlikely that the Cheltenham Bébé at only two has much of a memory of last year so she’s behaving like she’s discovered a new planet – more space, mud to dig in, a trampoline to bounce on.

Oh and more recently…. bubbles. Gazillions of bubbles. We were kindly sent a huge box of bubbles to make use of. The Gazillion Tornado Bubble machine which blows a bubble storm in seconds!

Also on offer this summer are the Gazillion crazy wands which we’ll be taking in our holiday suitcase and the Gazillion Incredi-bubble wand that blows giant bubbles – perfect for festivals!

And just in case this weather doesn’t last you can rest assured that the Gazillion bubble solution is non staining (fyi it’s also non toxic) so it’s perfect for indoor use too.

I’d love to know how you are all enjoying the outdoor space in this incredible sunshine! It makes such a difference doesn’t it?


In case it’s not blindingly obvious this blog has been sponsored by UK Mums TV.





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