Stefanie Sunshine Shussman

Stefanie Sunshine Shussman

Hi, my name is Stefanie Sunshine Schussmann, I am a 31 year old business mum on a mission. High spirits, enthusiasm, love for every human being, power and unstoppable motivation to tackle things over and over again that’s what makes me stand out.

I am an independent networker partnered with an Austrian family run business called Ringana since 2014. As one of the company’s top leaders I am building up an international network of partners – a lot of women and mums – across Europe with my team to spread the word about this unique concept and vision.

Ethical and sustainable actions on all levels combined with incomparable economic success convinced me to be part of this movement as well as provide active support for people who are on their way to independence.

After finishing my economic studies and my first experience in Junior Management at an international food trading group I soon figured out – there must be another way. What exactly?

A successful life – a career – the combination of family and success – an income that gives me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams and wishes embedded in a respectful togetherness and still having a self-determined life.

Time to myself and my loved ones – as a mother of a three-year-old girl it’s more important to me than ever to be able to work when, where and with whom I want to.

Thanks to the opportunity given by my partner company my job is now able to meet all the criteria and requirements I set by 100%.

RINGANA is an Austrian, multiple award-winning family run business. The company was founded more than 23 years ago out of the crucial motivation to position healthy, purely herbal and ethical produced products on the market. This developed a company with a revenue of more than 80 million Euros in 2018, an on-going economic growth of over 40% and a vision to contribute to conscious consumption.

23 years of research and development in high-tech fresh care and super-foods offers you worldwide unique products with founded background knowledge and certifications through independent companies.

“Our vision is to give all human beings the chance of a good life in a better and healthier world”


As I build up a huge team of young women and mums all over Europe who support this vision and build themselves an income or a second income I now developed the vision & mission of building up a huge team within the United Kingdom – one of my focused areas is Cheltenham. 

I am searching for women and mums who are into our values of sustainability, trust, mindful business and healthy products. I would love to support you within your first steps – tell you more about this opportunity and build up a conscious network of like minded people within your area. 

This self-determined free work offers you the opportunity to achieve a life-life-balance and to have a positive impact on consumer behavior in their bathroom routines and the products they’re using there. You also do have the opportunity to build up your own team of people who spread the word about our idea from the very beginning on.

 “Be yourself” is given a high profile in my team– this concept fits into your life and you will be part of a colourful, cheerful community which sees potential in all those facets of human kind. Nobody but you determines your career – you have the opportunity to create your path nationally as well as internationally accompanied by fun, amazing travels, personal growth and last but not least your ecological footprint is green and you do have me as your mentor with all my experiences who already brought me to the top 15 leaders and the highest career level within this company.

I will come to Cheltenham on 26th September inviting you to get in touch with our philosophy, products and of course with me.
We start at 10.30 – 12.30 in the morning at the Queens Hotel in Cheltenham and I’d love to invite you to come and join. Please get in touch via info@stefanie-sunshine.com to enroll for the event – it’s free of charge.

Website: www.stefanie-sunshine.com/en

Instagram: www.instagram.com/stefanie_the_sunshine

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StefanieSunshineSchussmann

Stephanie Sunshine has kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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