Stay Cool Baby

Stay Cool Baby

Did you notice it’s quite warm?

Well if you didn’t I can send you a picture of my very sexy new vest shaped tan line and you’ll get the message. It’s hot – which was a situation, pre children, that probably would have made us all super happy. But now…. well it’s great that the clothes that get covered in ice cream, dribble and sweat wash and dry in about thirteen minutes but it can also be a real challenge keeping our cool when the little ones are feeling the heat.

Here’s some tips for helping your littles handle the sizzle….

  • The biggest challenge can often be understanding that when it gets really really hot tiny people particularly just don’t have the energy to do all of the outdoor activities we want to do. They will be more lethargic, they will want to sleep more and a good amount of time lazing around in the cool might not be top on your agenda but it will be on theres. Don’t panic – when they’ve left home you can spend every summer sun worshipping!
  • If you’re not the kind of parent who bathes their child each night it might be worth changing that, just temporarily. A luke warm bath or shower before bath and damp hair will mean they are more likely to drift off for a much needed snooze.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…. home made ice lollies, cool water, if they only want milk that’s fine too but maybe water it down a little but give them more of it. Sun stroke can be really dangerous for all of us but particularly children so get fluids into them however you can.
  • What to dress your child in to sleep? Well remember that it may cool down as the night goes on so pop in when you go to bed to add a layer but to begin with a nappy, possible a vest and a lightweight sheet or sleeping bag work well. We’ve invested in a muslin sleeping bag which keeps the Bébé cool but also means she feels wrapped up. Amazon Prime do a good one that might just arrive in time for the inevitable cold snap that will no doubt follow next week!

  • You might have a waterproof mattress on your small people’s beds to avoid any of those middle of the night mishaps wrecking it. It’s kinder to remove them in this heat as they won’t help your child’s skin breathe in this heat and will make them even stickier. Sheets should be cotton too as it’s much cooler.
  • A damp clean flannel can make a great comforter for little ones in this heat.
  • Did you know opening the hatch to your loft can help ventilate your home and keep things a little cooler?

This heat is set to continue for a few days yet so if anyone else has some great suggestions to add then leave a comment below.



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