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The School Checklist They Don’t Tell You About.

The School Checklist They Don’t Tell You About.

A Guest Blog from Cara Sutherland

The naughty child

Luckily, so far this hasn’t been my child. When the teachers set the children free sometimes they come out to have a little chat with the parents. This is what I have affectionately named the parentfail patrol (bit like paw patrol – just so you can see where my influences are coming from) I refuse to make eye contact when the teachers head out and it’s always a massive sigh of relief when it’s not me.

Wetting themselves

Yes they are 100% toilet trained by the time they start school but expect accidents. I really didn’t see it coming but Harbor wet himself twice and even pooed himself and swindled a half day out of it. Hero.

The competition

I’m just gonna put this out there. My kid was Joseph in the school nativity play. So nuff said really.

The lost clothes

It’ll surprise you. Even the pants go missing never to be seen again. Harbor lost all his jumpers (the expensive embroidered ones) then one day he came home with someone else’s and I just thought fuck it I’m claiming that.

The fancy dress

Thankfully Harbor’s school didn’t do world book day so that meant it was just the FIVE fancy dress costumes (knight, king, pirate, road safety colours and Halloween) I’m sure Ann Summers sponsor schools to do this so when the kids grow up fancy dress is their kink.

Unfortunately for me no one gets my humour. I once said that when they’re all dressed the same it’s hard to work out which one is mine and this was very poorly received. This should indicate just how serious everyone’s life is for the mums at Harbor’s school.

We are about to embark on our journey into year one so let’s see what hilarity that holds!

About Cara


Cara Sutherland is a Cotswold girl and Mum of two little boys. She entertains the Mamans de Cheltenham on a daily basis via her hilarious and honest Instagram account and her fantastic blog . Cara is one of the guest speakers at CheltenhamMaman’s launch event on the 7th October tickets for which can be purchased here.


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