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Spring Trends 2018

Spring Trends 2018

Its nearly the end of January, how did that happen? How are your New Years resolutions going? I’ve personally been on a bit of a gym mission and after 5 years of very little exercise I’m starting to enjoy it and feel better for it. I just hope I can keep it up and make it as much a part of my life as my love of fashion.

So lets talk fashion, the good news for Spring is that Sports wear is still on trend (to be fashwan savvy we call it Athleisure) it’s so good for the school run when you don’t actually want to get trussed up but do want to look like you made some kind of effort, or if you are genuinely going to the gym you don’t feel like you have to take several changes of clothes around with you, so its all good. Coffee after a class? Even in Athleisure you’re good to go.

The rise of ‘The Ugly Trainer’ is becoming a very prominent feature at International Fashion Weeks and I say ‘ugly’ because for the past few seasons we have had a streamlined and lightweight trainer to choose from, such as ADDIDAS GISELLES and New Balance 574, so if you want to up the style stakes we are talking Nike 97’s or at a higher price point think Balenciaga, they have led the way by bringing us back a trainer from the 90’s.

Bum Bags/ Fanny Packs, whatever you want to call them they are also back with vengeance from the 90’s. Once seen as the perfect hands-free solution and then mocked thereafter, they are now considered highly fashionable, like the trainer trend this is good news for us mums. I accept the bum bag is a brave move but on the other hand it does make perfect sense you can get your phone, wet wipes, red lippy and some kids treats and off you go.

White accessories!

The white boot and bag trend has been lurking in the background for a few seasons now and AW 2017 saw the more fashion forward consumers buying into the trend in a big way. I personally have a fab pair of patent white boots from Zara. I’ve worn them loads already and scanning the shops for another pair. Don’t shy away from white this season as I think it will instantly make you look on trend and up to date no matter what you’re wearing.

My favourite white boots are Topshop Alfie Boots in white and Kurt Giger RIDE and DOME boots. They will all raise your 2018 fashion stakes and if you’re quick you may get them at sale price.

While we are talking about shoes your 2018 fashion choices will be defined by heel choice, whether they are curved, chunky block, stiletto or a contrast colour, there are defiantly exciting choices to be made this season.

Prairie dresses and pearls are big news this Spring, continuing from the AW17 trend of pearl embellishment, a really good way of adding this trend to your everyday wardrobe is throwing on an inexpensive accessory that you’ll get loads of wear out of. Zara have a pearl embellished scarf ….

and New Look have pearl embellished slip on trainers

Be careful though, don’t wear both at the same time or you really will look like a pearly queen.

Prairie inspired floral and Blue dresses are a welcomed trend by me. Anything that says maximum impact and minimal effort gets a thumbs up. A lot of people find wearing dresses tricky but if you think about it, unlike jeans and a top, a dress is an instant outfit, pop on a jacket, pair of boots or trainers and you’re good to go.


I hope that round up gets you inspired for Spring Summer 2018. If you still need help and can’t see the white boots for the florals you can always pop me a line…

Happy New Year!

Victoria xx

A Guest Blog from Victoria Guenevieve

About Victoria

Victoria is a London and Kent based Mum of 2, Blogger and Stylist. You can follow her style on Instagram and visit her website to get in touch.


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