Spring/Summer… The Cheltenham Bébé is ready for you…

Spring/Summer… The Cheltenham Bébé is ready for you…

Not going to lie…. this blog post has been seriously hard to get written. Not the words – they’re the easy bit-  but getting these photos… how do you showcase spring fashion when you’re stuck in a never ending winter! Then of course out comes the sun but sadly it seems to have been a blink and you miss it sort of appearance…. but at least it’s given us a taster of what our summer could and should be like.

In these pictures you can see a showcase of some of the incredible range of children’s clothes offered by a relatively new local retailer, The Cotswold Baby Co. 

Six months ago two local friends and MumBosses Rachael and Kate decided the time had come to start something new and fresh in local fashion for children aged 0-3 years. Just six months later the brand is flying and has already appeared at Maman Goes Pop!, Sudeley Castle Spring Fair, is stocked at Roves Farm and will be at the up and coming Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show. 

The line is fantastic and I’ve chosen some of their key pieces for the Cheltenham Bébé to muck about in this Spring/Summer. You can see here that she is a big fan of her Blade and Rose leggings!

As well as stocking these leggings (just £10 a pair) and brands such as Piccalilly (pictured dungarees £22) as a retailer Cotswold Baby Co have also added their own line with leggings, socks, tops and more featuring treasured childhood icons such as tractors, foxes, unicorns, ponies and gorgeous knitted baby outfits that really make the perfect gifts.

When it comes to wearable style for two year olds in my opinion what matters most are comfort (all of the items we chose ticked that box – especially this gorgeous little duck dress), practicality – (what can be more practical than leggings – easy to take on and off/wash/dry – all the Mum ticks) and also something that captures the essence of childhood. I’m all for letting them be little – I’m not a big fan of making kids look like mini adults and the whole range at Cotswold Baby Co supports this ethos.

cleardot.gifSo if you have the same opinions when it comes to childhood fashion as me and this little fox cub be sure to give this great local brand a follow and pop along and say hi if you’re at The Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show.

You can click on the links of all of the pictures above to be taken straight to the Cotswold Baby Co site and if you use code CBC010 you’ll get 10% off across the site! Be sure to tell them we sent you!


(This is an endorsed blog post from a MumBoss member.)


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