Social Media Superpowers with Sharpfox

Social Media Superpowers with Sharpfox
I love social media, especially Instagram. I sort of know my way around and sure enough spend (waste) a lot of time on it but do I really know what I’m doing? Nope! So I jumped at the chance to have a one to one social media session with Kat of Sharpfox. She doesn’t wear a cape but she’s definitely a superhero when it comes to all things social media.
First off, this was no usual training course and I’ve been on more than my fair share of the “death by PowerPoint” type. It felt like a chat with a really knowledgeable and practical friend. No slide shows, no generic material – it was all about my business and very hands on.
For my makeup business, we really focused on Instagram but went through the other platforms and which were or were not useful. We went through the really basic and easy things first and then looked at some more fancy stuff.  My Instagram is quite a random mish mash (a little like my post baby brain!) and when you stop and look at it (perhaps as a new potential follower or customer would), you start to see things a bit differently. Kat really helped me think about this and what I might want to aim for.
I then basically picked Kat’s brains and learned absolutely loads. I came away totally inspired! I’ve already started on some of the changes and quick things but now feel much more focused on what I actually want to use social media for, how I can get a consistent look and feel and some very cool tricks to play with.
The social media sessions that Kat offers would be brilliant for anyone like me with a small business who wants to go beyond just dabbling in social media and start to take some of the guesswork out of it. Kat also had a look at my website and gave me some really helpful advice.
Apart from being a super gorgeous mum (i wished I’d have worn something better than my converse and leggings when I met her!), she knows so much but broke things down for my fuddled brain and was really enthusiastic. I would have been worried about something like this being too formal and a bit intimidating for my super small business but I can absolutely say that i loved it and can’t wait to put it all into practice.
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Kat Shayler of Sharpfox Marketing has just recently launched  a new training package which will hopefully be a good kick-starter for mums setting up new businesses (and more affordable!) it’s called The Social Saviour and you can find out more here
What’s more Kat is offering an exclusive discount for Mamans and MumBosses only : 15% discount off the longer training course when entering the code MAMAN15 and booking before the end of November.

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