Snapping the Perfect Pic

Snapping the Perfect Pic

Guest Blog from Soph Barwood

Tips on taking your child’s photo

I see so many parents taking photos of their kids every day. I believe most people think getting a good shot of a child is to do with what type of camera they are using… wrong. Yes having a good camera can help but there are SO many other factors that distinguish a photo from a great photo. Here are three quick tips which will transform your images…

1. Get on their level

Regardless of what equipment you are using, one of the most important tips when taking a photograph is to get down to their level. Whenever I shoot my family sessions you will notice that I am constantly dropping to my knees and taking my shots from their height. This gives an immediacy to the image – one of the biggest things that distinguishes my images from many parents’ images is this movement – I see most people with their phones, standing up pointing their camera down towards their child, rather than physically getting down and interacting. Next time you go to the park try it – I promise you’ll see a difference.

The below is a shot of me actually lying in the sand to get the shot I wanted 🙂 (thanks to lovely mum Sarah who took this shot on our family session and sent it over – I always love getting these shots from mums and dads afterwards!)

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2. Lighting

Finding good light is crucial to creating the best image. I would rather have my iPhone in good light, than a £4000 camera in bad light. And most people don’t realise what good light really is. If it’s a sunny day, finding some shade is one of the first things I do in order to take a good photograph. Direct sunlight can create hard shadows under your children’s eyes, whereas if you put them in some shade the light on their faces becomes even and much prettier 🙂

You’ll notice in the below images how I’ve often gone under a tree to create some beautiful shots, children generally have great skin, but having good light really makes it pop… makes mum and dad look good too 😉

Honey and Oats Photography Image 8
3. Interactions & Posing

The main thing here is to have fun! Kids get bored pretty quickly so the trick is to make taking photos as fun as possible. I am constantly playing peek-a-boo behind my camera, especially if the child is young and not really aware of what I am trying to do.

When I take my family photos, I usually use mum and dad as a way to frame their child, whether it’s wrapping their arms around each other, sitting them on dad’s lap, holding hands, etc. the key is to create connections between everyone in the frame.

I’ve popped some images below to give you an idea of what I mean. So much love here!


Next time you are out, try incorporating these three tips into your photography, I promise you’ll see some great results and have fun at the same time!

About Soph
I’m Soph from Honey & Oats Photography.

Honey and Oats Photography Image 12

I’ve been photographing newborns and families for the last 3 years now professionally and I love it! My home studio is in Clifton, Bristol although I do travel for on location family sessions.

So a bit about me… well I love eating chocolate and drinking tea. I love to travel, and I’m a huge fan of hiking into the wilderness (as long as I have some form of chocolate with me!).

I want to show the connections between you and your family. My family sessions are based on having fun. I love working with kids, but every child has their limits and they will not want to ‘pose’ in front of the camera for very long, if at all. This is ok. Don’t worry 🙂

The way I shoot is quick, it’s about getting those little smiles when they happen, and photographing your family interacting together. I love to hold these sessions outside on location as it’s so nice for these images to be taken within natural surroundings… however English weather is never predictable, so I do also use my home studio if the rain decides to fall.

If you’re interested in booking a session with me feel free to get in touch. You can contact me through my website www.honeyandoatsphotography.co.uk or email directly at enquiries@honeyandoatsphotography.co.uk


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