As promised I’m back with the very last in my series of Christmas gift edits and this one is the most important by far! It’s a list of five ideas of MumBoss business gift ideas for you – as you’re the most important person on this site!

We’re going away this christmas and I’ve issued a strict no presents rule between myself and my husband so forgive me for living vicariously through you this year. I’ve been completely spoiled for choice with MumBoss businesses who offer a unique and indulgent special treat just for you but here are my top picks.

1. The ULTIMATE luxury in pampering this year comes in the form of ninety minutes of bliss at the hands of MumBoss Gemma of Cotswold Utopia. I was lucky enough to be one of Gemma’s guinea pigs in the early days of her business and popped along to her home in Gretton to sample her signature treatment – the Rejuvenating Facial.

Now at £80 it’s a significant gift but I honestly can’t rate the treatment highly enough and I suspect that the gallons and gallons of moisture laden Gaylia Kristensen products that your skin laps up are worth half of the price alone. It’s honestly amazing. Gemma can travel to you locally which also means you can have this treatment while the little one naps or in the evenings meaning you can stay toasty at home and not lose that feeling of zen (and incredible skin) for a long while. Find out more on Gemma’s Facebook page. 

2. On the self care front again (because surely that’s what a list for you is all about?) I’m recommending (not for the first time on here) the 365 day journal of happiness and gratitude from MumBoss Kelly of The Bees Knees.

Now I’m guessing that most of you will already have seen this but what better time of year is there to start practicing the mindful art of journalling, being present, reflective and grateful than the New Year? This is a great place to start – and if you din’t know Kelly has also recently released a version for juniors too so do take a look at that while you’re there!

3. Looking to kick start the New Year with a physical health kick? Why not ask for a class card with Buggy Fit in Pittville Park. You take your little one along for a blast of exercise under the watchful eye of MumsFit owner and post natal exercise specialist Joan. You can buy an 8 class card for £48 or an unlimited card for two months for £75. With classes at 10.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you’ll be seriously smug come holiday season and also feeling the benefits of fresh air and sunlight which we so miss at this time of year.

4. Again at the higher end of the price spectrum but absolutely worth every penny in my book is a simple but stunning cashmere sweater from MumBoss Debz at Arkell and Wills. There’s not many gifts that you can be 100% certain that every mother out there will love and get so much use from but I’m pretty sure that this would be one of them. It’s also something that if they look after (and Arkell and Wills also sell a really handy cashmere comb that would be great as a stocking stuffer) they will keep and enjoy for years and years to come. Who doesn’t love to look elegant and be super cosy?

5. And finally I absolutely recommend that you send all of your loved ones down to the newly opened MumBoss store in Montpellier, Folia Planting to pick you up a stunning plant with a beautifully sourced pot. Louise just has such a great eye for style and for the first time in my life my home is packed with houseplants that are not dying (and you can never have too many as they purify the air, make you happy and if you’re really stuck you can even name them and talk to them – that’s what a friend told me anyway!)

Oh and a sneaky number 6 – of course every single mother and father out there should have a gorgeous copy of The Window Magazine in their stocking – at £7 it’s the best value gift out there!

Happy shopping all – it’s not far away now and I hope you’re all managing to enjoy the magic of the season.


(I so need a picture with a jaunty christmas hat!)




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