Second to last on my list of Christmas gift edits, today I’m devoting some time to helping you support local mothers in business and let much loved grandparents to your children know that you care and that you are grateful for all that they do to support you as a parent (honestly if your parents or parents in law fit in that category you must thank your lucky stars!)

1. For the chic granny why not pop into the Suffolk’s favourite fashion boutique Bodega and take a look at their brilliant range of wintry warmers and knits. I’ve picked out this poncho with a faux fur collar for £49.95 but honestly take a look a the site and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

2. Sometimes it can feel like grandparents have everything that they could possibly need and when you do take the time to choose a gift – sometimes your taste and theirs just doesn’t quite compute. I bet your home is full of amazing images of you and your children but what about getting some pictures done of your children and their grandparents – the gift of memories could be something that both parties treasure forever! MumBoss Kate of Little Cheltenham offers high class portrait photography in your own home (or theirs) and includes one mounted print.

3. As a real special treat for a couple who are perhaps downsizing or who let you know that they are keen for a nice new project in their home you could gift the services of the amazing MumBoss Sarah, aka Floella. Sarah is an interior designer and stylist and offers various packages of room refreshes – so you chat to Sarah about the room you are trying to freshen up and she offers you some design inspiration all within a budget that you set. She has some amazing contacts in the world of curtains, blinds, fabrics and wallpaper so can help you get a great deal on your new room’s furnishings. Find out more about Sarah’s services on her website. 

4. Back on to photos – how about capturing an amazing moment or family story from the year gone by and popping it in this amazing frame from MumBoss Lucy of online gift and lifestyle store Stone and Co. She has plenty of others to choose from and at just £10 this frame is great for givers on most budgets.

5. Finally – and it’s a special gift.. for the grandparents who support you from afar but you don’t get to see as much of as you’d like, why not gift a night or two in Cheltenham so you can spend time together but they can also have their own space to experience a few treats?

Beaumont House is owned by MumBoss Fiona and is a perfect home from home for grandparents who are due a bit of luxury but want to be close by. Superior double rooms start at just £76 and there is so much to do around Cheltenham – if they don’t live nearby it can be a real treat to visit!

You can book a room or find out more over at Fiona’s brilliant website. 

Hope these posts continue to give you all some much needed food for thought. Remember you’re making a local mother dance a happy dance every time you send an order their way. We’re all grateful to you for that. Last post in this series will be next week and it’s about arguably the most important person – YOU!

Have a great rest of your week!




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