Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop MumBoss – The Christmas Edit 2

Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop MumBoss – The Christmas Edit 2

Lovely to see so many of you enjoying my last christmas edit and demonstrating your support for local, mum led businesses   with some amazing click throughs – hope I’ve helped a few of you tick some of your gifts off your christmas shopping list.

Today I’m tackling arguably, the hardest person to buy for and that’s the man in your life. Whether we’re talking about your partner, husband, brother or father, unless you have a stereotypical gay best friend it’s hard to find a gift for the man who  likes what he likes and needs what he needs.

So here’s some MumBoss inspiration for you….

  1. Why not pack him off for a good old Thai stretch with MumBoss masseur Abi at Glenfall Massage. Just £40 for an hour and fifteen minute treatment and I’m sure he’ll walk taller on his return.

Inspired by traditional Thai massage this treatment is performed through clothes on a massage table and involves a number of deep but gentle assisted yoga stretches on your legs and back, plus some work on your Sen (energy) lines and your feet. This treatment is fantastic for releasing the lower back and tight legs. Recommended for people who suffer with lower back pain or sciatica, active/sporty types, people who are on their feet a lot and those who prefer clothed therapies. Afterwards people could expect to feel relaxed, lengthened, balanced and energised.

2. Is the man in your life embracing these amazing times that we are living through? The Me Too movement, the rejection of the patriarchy, our efforts to make sure that our daughters experience no limits on what they can achieve? MumBoss Cate and her husband Paul certainly embrace this but as lovers of languages they question why the French for feminist has a feminine ending (féministe) – can only women be feminists? Cate’s challenged this notion with her range of organic cotton, fairtade, slogan t-shirts (for men, women, children and babies) of which I am recommending the men’s version which you can purchase through her Etsy store. 

3. It’s a generalisation I know, but men are particularly bad at leaving random bits of randomness all about the house. Tickets to rugby games they enjoyed and can’t quite be parted with, receipts for the one new pair of shoes they’ve managed to buy themselves this year, handwritten love notes from doting little daughters – the list goes on. These fabric covered notice boards from MumBoss Danielle of Cotswolds Creative Design are the perfect gift for the guy that just needs somewhere to keep all those little bits and bobs so you can’t be called out for losing your rag and throwing them in the bin. They come in a range of fabrics but this one would suit a lot of guys I know. You can order boards directly from Danielle’s etsy store or contact her directly via Instagram to discuss a custom board. Prices start at around £20.


4. Who doesn’t love chocolate! And locally handmade beautifully packaged chocolate at that! MumBoss Yvonne and her husband Ori are the geniuses behind the chocolaterie, Costello + Hellerstein. I’ve sampled these beauties and they are just incredible! Boxes of truffles start at £14.95 but I recommend the mixed chocolate box of 16 truffles for £19.95 (free delivery on all orders) and a note in the card that says they absolutely MUST be shared!

5. Last but not least if he’s a lover of nature or has a thing for the works of Tolkien then I can absolutely recommend checking out MumBoss Anna of Thistle Moon who’s collection of affordable prints can be found on her Etsy site.

You can also take a look at her brand new website for inspiration on commissions to create the man in your life his very own work of art – but the clock is ticking on this one – art takes time and time is in short supply for the big day!

Happy Shopping Mamans and thanks from all of us for continuing to support the Cheltenham MumBosses. I’ll be back soon with christmas edits for grandparents and for the most important person in the house – YOU!




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