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September will be where it’s at

September will be where it’s at

Some of you may remember that I blogged about Cowley Manor on a day that was 29 degrees in early July and joked that the second the school holidays arrived the heavens would open and the weather would turn sh**. Ha! Sorry about that!

BUT….. wouldn’t it be funny if on the 4th September when (my) kids go back to school we saw the start of an Indian summer and just as those of us who have tiny people to entertain start to feel sad that summer is over we have an unexpected month of glorious Pittville Park picnics, trips to the lido, National Trust… thirty long days outside. Wishful thinking? Let’s hope not!

I LOVE September – it’s my birthday and I love all of the autumn/winter clothes coming into the shops – the promise of a new season without it actually being cold just yet. Plus it’s almost a whole year again before the prospect of six long weeks at home with the big boys, their appetites, their mess and their inability to occupy themselves for free or anywhere they can get to without my chauffeuring services.

I’m busy getting excited about the fun the Bébé and I will have and a few treats delivered this week from Fentimans got me dreaming about the perfect picnic. Now drinks aside, this picnic below is NOT the perfect picnic. I did an online supermarket shop and forgot to press checkout (slaps head). I sat patiently at home waiting for my smoked salmon and cream cheese to arrive and a travel size bottle of gin but they didn’t ever appear. I rang up said retailer to complain and was told I hadn’t hit the button. Rookie error. So this picnic basket is full of stuff a man buys when you send him out to shop for a picnic at 9am on a Saturday before the scheduled picnic at 12 lunchtime. Grrrr. Still I suppose the boys were happy.

The boys were also happy with the traditional soft drinks on offer for them… Curiosity Cola and Cherry Cola went down a treat while the CheltenhamGrandMaman supped refreshing Ginger Beer, the Victorian Lemonade was mine and it had that brilliant citrusy twist of true traditional lemonade and despite the lack of smoked salmon sandwiches and hummus we did actually have a pretty lovely picnic.

A few of the drinks Fentimans sent didn’t actually make it to the picnic and quite simply this is because I need them as mixers for my gin so was therefore unable to share. Standard. And on that note I would like to report that a gin, rose lemonade and prosecco cocktail is pretty damn good on a Friday night in the summer holidays when you are dreaming of September but just not quite there.

So thanks Fentimans! And Mamans those of you coming to my event with Cara at Cowley Manor and the Dress Like a Mum event will have some samples of your own to try. Roll on September.


Fentimans soft drinks can be purchased by Gloucestershire Mamans at their local branch of Waitrose.



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