Stress Less and Indulge in Some Self Care

Stress Less and Indulge in Some Self Care

So the MumBoss Club members today were discussing various different campaigns that now take place throughout the year. Last month we had National Kindness Day, apparently the 8th of April is ‘Draw a Picture of a Bird Day’ – some of these celebrations are bonkers but some are actually a great excuse to talk about an important topic.

The month that we are almost upon – April, happens to be Stress Awareness month and this reminded me that I have been meaning to share something with you that took place in the MumBoss Club during the months of February and March.

It all started when Hetty of Hetty’s Tea Party suggested that we should all get a little better at looking after ourselves. As a new Mum I think she has been pretty shocked by the reality of running a business and keeping a child alive. She asked fellow members if they would all be interested in suggesting their favourite way to take just fifteen minutes each day to focus on no-one but themselves and this in turn became what was to be a month long campaign whereby we would all take MumBoss Fifteen Minutes For Me. The only problem was that February only had 28 days and there was more of an appetite for this than we’d expected so we extended into March.

Now there’s masses that goes on in the group that you really have to be a member to understand but one of the many things that all 120 of us seem to have in common is that we’re not selfish with our time and knowledge and the ethos that you give a little you’ll get a lot is pivotal to the Club and how it functions. So it seemed only right that we share some of the many suggested ways to take fifteen minutes – just for you – with the wider Maman community. After all MumBoss, working mum, stay at home mum – doesn’t really matter – it’s all bloody hard work!

So here we go… here’s the list. There’s naturally some suggestions that are quite similar but I defy anyone not to look at this list and spot at least one entry and think – ‘oh that’s a great idea… I’m going to give that a try!’

February 1st: Hetty kicked off and of course being a baker her self care offering featured cake. We were all sent a few samples of brownie and instructed to make a hot drink, find somewhere quiet and enjoy. Free from guilt or disruption.

Feb 2nd: Sarah of Floella asked us to get arty – we were instructed to find a colouring book or to just doodle for a whole fifteen minutes.

Feb 3rd: Life Coach for Mums Laura Duggal sent us a worksheet where we could prioritise the activities that we do each day – so stop, start, do more of and do less of.

Feb 4th: Vicky our resident Freelance Assistant prescribed fifteen minutes in the great outdoors – in the depths of winter – just step outside –  no matter what.

Feb 5th: Beth, midwife and owner of The Bump To Baby Chapter shared some of her hypnobirthing breathing techniques as a fabulous way for anyone to relax. Breathe in slowly for four counts and out for eight – do this for 15 mins and see how much better you feel!

Feb 6th: Frankie of Boss Media gave us music. Three tracks to listen to throughout the day – we were to lose ourselves to the sound and relax. She chose The Killers – Mr Brightside, Ludovico Einaudi – Divenire and This is Me – from The Greatest Showman. Go listen and see how you feel!

Feb 7th: MumBoss Alex of Cheeki Monkeys recommended a guided meditation. Designed for children this video is actually a really effective way for all Mums to relax.

Feb 8th: Back, neck and shoulder stretches were prescribed by the one and only Natasha of The Hideout – I can’t share her Facebook live from the campaign but I can tell you that she is a healer and if you need any advice on how to look after your neck she’s fab.

Feb 9th: Victoria of Babyprints Cheltenham asked us to sit down alone for fifteen minutes and make a list of all of the things we are good at and congratulate ourselves on our brilliance. Now that’s a pretty good use of your time don’t you think? Do it every day and you’re a bit egotistical but every now and again it can be a great confidence booster!

Feb 10th: MumBoss Emma of Bright Marketing advised that we pick up the phone and make contact with someone who makes us feel good about ourselves. Life is too short not to spend it with great friends – make that call. A similar challenge was suggested by a different Emma on the 3rd March.

Feb 11th: EXFOLIATE! Beth of The Lion Sparkles had us all creating own own home made exfoliators – sure she won’t mind me sharing her recipe!

Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut Oil Recipe

1 cup of organic coffee granules
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/2 tablespoon cinnamon (optional)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

1. Melt Coconut oil and leave it to cool but not solidify
2. Mix all ingredients together and store in an air tight container or mason jar
3. Use whenever you like!

Feb 12th: Yvonne of Relaxed Birthing prepared a relaxation recording just for us. This lady has all the soothing tones in her voice! If you can’t find a recording that works for you Yvonne is your lady!

Feb 13th: Our makeup artist Natasha of Natasha Louise Makeup shared her daily get ready routine and we were all asked to follow along and spend fifteen minutes alone getting ready to face the day! I learned loads in this short video – if you need help in this department contact Natasha but you can also just trial taking that time just for yourself and prioritising doing it well and slowly for a change.

Feb 14th: Valentines – today we were challenged to make another list – this time about someone we love and all the things we value about that person. Thanks to Jane at Art Rocks for this suggestion.

Feb 15th: MumBoss Kelly suggested Pilates and sent us here for a great video to do it at home.

Feb 16th: Anna of Thistle Moon pointed us in the direction of some videos that were calming to watch – I really enjoyed some of these here’s the links – video 1 and video 2.

Feb 17th: Kim of The Butterless Bakery suggested we spend fifteen minutes making an indulgent drink – maybe a cocktail, maybe a fancy hot drink. Mindfully engage with the preparation process and then properly notice the flavours and tastes.

Feb 18th: I directed MumBosses to a poem that rather nicely summarise maternal anxiety and suggested that they get lost looking at other poems online or in their favourite book for their fifteen minutes.

Feb 19th: Jems of Caterpillar Music suggested that we prepare a meal purposefully and really take the time to enjoy the process. Choose a recipe that we love or that is new and interesting, take care preparing the ingredients and really focus on the process of cooking and enjoying the flavours and taste of the food we have lovingly prepared – a break from whacking whatever is in the fridge in the oven at breakneck speed!

Feb 20th: Now we all expected a workout from Cheltenham Fit Mama Nicki! But instead she surprised us with a video presentation with a few mini challenges one of which was to ‘give zero fucks’ i.e stop pleasing others! Another of which was gratitude – take the time to be thankful about the fact that you and your children are alive and also to consider an outsider’s perspective of you – do you think everyone else if worrying that you’re too fat, too thin, too ugly etc – of course they don’t – you’re just you. This one was enlightening!

Feb 21st: MumBoss Danielle – a creative genius and owner of Little Dan Designs challenged us to make something pretty and sent us a kit to sew our own MumBoss hearts.

Feb 22nd: Emma of Emma Bolton Hairdressing sent us all a Palmers hair conditioning treatment and ordered fifteen minutes in the bath being kind to our hair.

Feb 23rd: Sophie of The Cheltenham Cakery gave us comedy – I love a good belly laugh and this video was perfect! 

Feb 24th: Jess of The Homemade Wedding Company gave us an amazing slide show of quotes that would make us feel zen and on top – for instance ‘I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.’

Feb 25th: Lovely Katie from Neal’s Yard Remedies sent us all a little bundle of samples and told us to get stuck in – my favourite was the Frankincense cleanser – I really enjoyed looking after my skin.

Feb 26th: Kat of Morphosis Education Consultancy gave us all a useful stress management worksheet and encouraged us to take fifteen minutes to complete it. (Download it here – Stress management worksheet)

Feb 27th: Rebecca of flexible working recruitment consultancy Flexperience asked us to dig out the old photo albums and lose ourselves in them for fifteen minutes. Laura of Rose Photography offered a similar challenge on the 6th March but suggested that you do it with your child/ren.

Feb 28th: Claire of Made Just Sew offered a wonderful yoga for self doubt video to do at home. Another yoga video found here was suggested on the 2nd March and on the 9th March I suggested candlelit yoga in the dark to powerful, calming music.

March 1st: Anna of Toddle showed us some ballet sequences for arms – she’s fantastic (oh her posture!) and if you don’t know your ballet from your ballroom but want to learn – she does great hen parties or girly get togethers!

March 4th: Language expert Cate from Babel Babies taught us a thing or two about grammar and when we should and shouldn’t be using apostrophes. We grabbed a cuppa and used fifteen minutes to educate ourselves – now that’s not wasted time is it?

March 5th: Kelly Terranova from The Bees Knees shared ‘that video’ of her going nuts to music in her Tena pants – that was what we had to do – find the soundtrack to our happiest lives and go crazy!

March 7th – Kate of Pickle and Squidge prescribed some Vitamin D – the day saw the first sun in a long old time and we were asked to grab a drink and just get outside and suck that sunshine up!

March 8th – the ever sexy Kate of Little Cheltenham told us to spend some time feeling great beneath our clothes – find our sexiest underwear – matching of course and put it on and feel smug for the day safe in the knowledge that we were rocking it beneath out clothes.

And that was that! I bet you were all expecting loads of working out or expensive treats in the shops but actually sometimes it’s just the little things that you miss when you’re a Mum!

If you’ve enjoyed trying any of these self care challenges do let us know! Use the hashtag MumBoss15MinutesForMe to join the fun.



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