Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

We are hearing the aforementioned phrase rather a lot lately and its no secret that good mental health, particularly with mummies is is a hot topic for discussion, and indeed a long overdue addition to today’s society.

My name is Verity, mum of two very lively boys and Beauty salon owner in Bourton on the Water.

I can freely admit that I have not found Parenting easy, I have even attended NHS Parenting courses through my son’s school last autumn following years of battling and unhappiness with my eldest son at home.

Thankfully, At the forefront of this course was a constant stream of positivity and reward for our efforts as parents, no judging, just taking the positive out of every situation. Looking at how we had leanrt from our experiences and how the new day could help us to try again tomorrow.

I certainly took alot from this ethic, the constant feeling of guilt between my own time and spending ‘every second’ with my boys before they grew up and were not needing us anymore has subsided.
I can now see that I am much more effective and infact, nicer mummy when I have taken some time to myself to either get some space or just going to work.

I often joke that I ‘Go to work for a rest’ but in reality this is true, In the Salon I feel free, everyone is happy with the treatments that I give and all is calm and tranquil.
I feel like I can use my brain again!

We offer a wide range of Beauty and Holistic treatments at Beautylicious to all ages. Our home ‘The George Moore Community Centre’ is set in the heart of Bourton on the Water with plenty of parking, original fireplaces in our treatment room and and all the original features of this historic building.

We are a Multi- Award Winning small salon, showcasing a high emphasis of Beauty and Wellbeing to all members of our local community.

With that in mind we often
Link in with Groups such as the Memory cafe for dementia sufferers, Also the Home start charity to promote self care and confidence among many mums who are experiencing postnatal Mental Health difficulties or are challenging family situations.
We offer subsidised session to the Charity to enable mums to have half an hour of pampering whilst their children are safely cared for in the creche provided, the effects from even a short period of R and R feel very rewarding.

We love to Support this very worthwhile charity, after all no one is immune to challenging times.

It is clinically proven that even as much as 10 minutes relaxation per day has the power to significantly improve your mental health, Something that is never more challenged than when you are sleep deprived and in a battle of wills with a toddler, or even a teenager.

We also talk to Groups about how Holistic therapies such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy can provide many wellness advantages and often used as self help techniques.
We teach the attendees how they can use the skills they have learnt on themselves or others at home to further the benefits of the treatment.

Even in writing this blog it is evident that we just need to give ourselves a break, we are at the end of the day human – Not machines, we make mistakes and get cross.

But by just allowing yourself some time to just be yourself, it can make a huge Improvement to your wellbeing and indeed family relationships.

Thankfully by allowing myself to just be quiet, riding the horse, chatting with friends, enjoying a book… It has enabled me to enjoy my family time again.

Being more positive and accepting help, we all need help from time to time.

Life is much easier, I have more time to think and organise my time effectively.

Happy Mummy = Happy Home

Verity xx

Find out more about Verity and her business Beautylicious Bourton here.

Find out more about Home Start here.

Beautylicious have kindly donated to the CheltenhamMaman Go Red Trek fundraising page in aid of the Eve Appeal in exchange for me telling you all about the brilliant service they offer! You can send me a blog to publish all about your business too this September for just a £20 donation to the fundraising page! Drop me an email to cheltenhammaman@gmail.com to find out more.


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