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Saturday Morning Self Care

Saturday Morning Self Care

Last Saturday I asked the women in my MumBoss Club Facebook group what one thing they would be doing just for themselves that day and for the first time in a while I was leading by example and had a whole hour of time for myself to look forward to.

I had been invited to a really pretty home fitness studio in the Up Hatherley garden of local step mum of one, Emily Sullivan, who has recently packed in the day job to set up her dream business; working for herself teaching pilates. Her business name; Healthy Balance Fitness.

Now I’m a big yoga fan and many of the skills I have built up in my daily practise where thankfully transferable but as soon as the class began I realised that Emily’s teaching methods are not just about showing you what to do and then leaving you to get on with it. She explained the importance of core strength in all aspects of life and with a maximum class size of just four Emily was able to introduce each exercise, show you how to do it and then really ensure that you are doing it right (hugely important in pilates where the exercises are subtle and all about engaging the core.)

I left the class feeling refreshed, relaxed but also knew that I had done some amazing work to strengthen my back, restore my core and pelvic floor (and we all know how important that old chestnut is – eh Mamans?), engage my glutes and fight those bingo wings.

Emily doesn’t just offer early morning Saturday classes for people like me who find escaping during the week is a little tricky, oh no no no. She has a whole host of options meaning that if you fancy giving Pilates a try she can offer something for everyone. Mother and baby classes where the little ones can either snooze or watch alongside you or actually join in the fun – yep. Weekday morning classes – yep, private one to ones – oh yes and even two to ones if you and a friend want to workout together. Emily is also very open to bespoke packages so if you are part of a gang of four and want to have your own classes – get in touch.

Emily is really keen to support Mums and has looked after pregnant ladies helping them combat specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, symphysis pubis dysfunction and back issues. She’s also a real advocate of pilates as the perfect post childbirth return to exercise option – restore your core and pelvic floor first – then think about a marathon.

There’s also an online health and nutrition option. At just £5 a month you can become part of ‘The Tribe’. You’ll get access to nutrition plans and video courses and training schedules that you can do at home. Each month there is a new Pilates workout and schedule that you can follow without even having to leave the house, so being busy doesn’t have to mean you don’t take the time to look after you. On offer at my class were some really delicious date, almond and hazelnut protein balls – I was salivating for a second after I tried the first but did that stupid British thing where I didn’t want to appear greedy – they were seriously good. Judging by these I’d say Emily’s food plans will be worth looking at.

Basically The Tribe is perfect for those who feel as though they don’t have time to workout or can’t afford to go to a gym. There are full beginners courses etc that members can follow at their own pace but each month there is a new video and monthly workout calendar so they have something to follow with constant support and motivation from Emily. £5 a month is a sacrifice of two coffees at Starbucks – kind of a no brainer!
I asked Emily where she’s heading with all of this. ‘My vision is to make Pilates accessible to everyone so my dream is for the Tribe to grow into an online Pilates  community where every member can share and support each other through the forums, have access to great nutrition, advice and workouts and with no “all or nothing” mentality,huge goals or fad diets that often leave us feeling guilty or down if we slip up one day. It’s all about little steps, committing to yourself and your health and loving the skin you are in.’

If you want to take a look at Emily’s workout style she also has some free videos on her great website – there’s a lot of info on there so it’s definitely worth having a look around.

Perhaps one of the best things about Healthy Balance Pilates for a lot of you will be the price. As she explained Emily wants to make her workouts accessible to all so her classes are £7.50 each – ideally booked in blocks of five so you can get a further discount (£35.)

To find out more you can visit Healthy Balance Fitness’s website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Tell Emily I sent you! Oh and next Saturday…. schedule in just one thing for you – doesn’t have to be big – just schedule it and stick to it.


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