Next Stage Nursery – With Just Add Milk

Next Stage Nursery – With Just Add Milk

We all have a lot of pre-conceived ideas about how we want our babies’ nursery to look and when you’re in the thick of pregnancy it can be tempting to never consider how quickly your child might outgrow their personal space, progressing from a teeny one to a feisty toddler with personality and an opinion. 

The thing is, a baby isn’t usually even in its own room for the first few months and then of course it’s lovely to have a pastel coloured haven to spend the long dark night in but the reality is a nursery that will take your child effortlessly from baby to toddler to pre-schooler is where it’s at and when I was given the challenge of choosing some nursery products from Cheltenham based online baby and toddler retailer, Just Add Milk – I knew exactly the kind of look I wanted to create.

I’m not one of these Mamans who gets very upset about gender stereotyping but I’m also not a big fan of throwing masses of pink at girls and blue at boys. Fortunately lots of the brands stocked at Just Add Milk are scandi inspired so the colour palettes are quite neutral.

I was automatically drawn to this mustard cotton quilt by lb:Laursen as I thought it looked really well made and like it would last well into the Bébé’s childhood. There’s certain things that you should just spend a decent amount of money on – they will be well used (especially in this country) and if you just love them you know they will see the test of time rather than buying a cheaper version of the same thing five times in five years. At £45 this staple nursery item is actually affordable as a hero piece.

Mustard and grey are the very best of friends and this cushion also from lb:Laursen works perfectly with the quilt. The soft toys were hard to choose from an excellent range on offer and the hooks were must have items at just £18 each and coming in a range of different animal styles. Perfect for hanging little treasures off to gaze at as she falls into a deep sleep (fingers crossed!)

Just Add Milk also has plenty of other versatile bits and pieces you can use to make little cosy corners of interest. Initially you might snuggle down and read your baby a story and in later years they may be making a den on their own on the floor and reading themselves a story but certain items will see you through for both.

This rustic brown floor cushion from lb:Laursen will have a thousand and one uses and teamed with all of the soft toys and this sweet alphabet animals metal backed print you can create some real focal points in a gender neutral room to suit a child right up until they reach school and beyond.

I also spotted this handy ladder hanger which you can either hang from a hook or style as I have done over an open door. It’s really useful for hanging towels or other textiles that you need to place your hands on a lot. Or as I learned a while ago when styling an adult’s bedroom, for showcasing those brilliant style items that you want to make a feature of like this dress that usually gets ignored in the wardrobe. I love a pretty interior feature that doubles up as a useful piece of kit!

Finally this pack of five art cards are brilliant for newborns whose eyes are initially drawn to monochrome shapes and images. Fast forward a few years and you have a tool or collection of prints to help your pre schooler learn letters and develop his or her language – so a small investment to take you through the years.

These few bits were just my personal selection of favourites from Just Add Milk but I’m pretty sure there is something for every style and taste. What’s more it all seems to be really excellent quality so you can be sure to only buy once. Let me know what you think of my choices and what you might have gone for instead?

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