New parents- These are the good old days

New parents- These are the good old days

“I wish I knew they were the good old days before they became the good old days”

This card came through my letterbox the other day attached to my new journal from @the_bees_knees.co and it really struck a cord with me and got me reminiscing about the good old days. You know those feelings of nostalgia that make you feel all gooey but also on the flip side makes you think how life is going too fast. As a new mother we feel so pressured into getting our sleep back, our bodies back and getting our life back that we forget how to enjoy these early weeks with a newborn. They go by in the blink of an eye.

Those early days for me are definitely the good old days. In the first few hours after birth I avoided sleeping and just wanted to lie there and watch my baby sleep, in awe of my beautiful creation. Now I avoid looking at them at all whilst sleeping in fear they’ll feel my stare on the restful faces and WAKE UP! I can remember the feeling with all my children as newborns coming home from the hospital. With Nancy, we went straight to my mums house. Where she opens the door, surprised to see us there with her new granddaughter and she cried, tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks that she had a new granddaughter and all was well. Moments like these don’t happen every day , but they do in those early days. Having a new baby in the family makes everyone feel emotional, a new lease of life and a huge gift to the family. It’s magical.

I look back on those moments with a newborn, when they curl their tiny fingers around your finger, clenched so tightly like you are their everything. When they sleep on your chest- what I would give now for just once where mine would keep still for a little doze on my chest. Breastfeeding or snuggling baby on the sofa and having people bring me things. Like a cup of tea or the remote (Diva!) Where they are so still and sleepy that you can smell the top of their tiny milky heads. And the only time they move is when they do a bum stretch, lifting their little turtle heads, putting their arms up by their heads and stretching out their little bums. Where they make dinosaur noises when they sleep and gulping noises when they feed. When they get so hungry that they search with their mouths open ready to latch onto anything. Having to not get them “dressed” in outfits so they stay in cuddley babygrows 24/7. Not cooking- perfect excuse to live out the freezer or better still off takeaways. Deliveroo was on my home screen.

I look back on photos of mine as newborns and think about how special and short those early days were. But I also think about my time now with my 3, being 8,6 and nearly 2 they are still so little. The days now feel stressful with some days I want to get back into bed and start again tomorrow. But, I’m sure in only a few years time I will look back on these days as the good old days.

My point is not that it’s all roses and petals with a newborn, these early days are challenging. At the time, it has always amazed me why older generations say when you have a newborn to enjoy it while it lasts or to cherish these moments. In my tired, sleep deprived delirium I’ve always wanted to look to the future where there would be sleep and showers. But now I see, those short few days/weeks/months are so unbelievably special- they are only small once. For those who are currently struggling with the challenges of a newborn, covered in baby vom, sore boobs and sleepless nights you will do more than get through this time- believe it or not you may one day see it as The Good Old Days!

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Beth from The Bump to Baby Chapter is a midwife working at Gloucester hospital. She runs positive antenatal classes at The Hatherley Manor and realistic hypnobirthing groups in Cheltenham. She is a mother of 3 children and 1 boxer dog. She is always well caffeinated and is often seen not far from a coffee shop. You can find The Bump to Baby Chapter on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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  1. Anna Field
    November 23, 2017 / 6:18 pm

    Ahh…loved this so much! I’ve tried so very hard to enjoy every minute, despite the knackered ness! I was thinking about the falling asleep on your chest thing this afternoon- it no longer happens with my seven month old, but I do still get head and neck sniffs in daily! It has all gone SO quickly already, I am determined to keep enjoying every second (as much as possible 😉)x

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