My Fear of Flying -Progress Update

My Fear of Flying -Progress Update

This blog has been in my drafts folder for a few weeks now and it’s an important one, something I hope will help others and a blog that I need to write by way of saying thank you to someone who has really helped me to deal with an issue that over the years has had a not insignificant effect on our lives.

I posted about six months ago about my fear of flying and how this year with a few exciting trips coming up, I was going to take some steps to try and overcome it or at least get on top of it.

I was very lucky that a valued member of The MumBoss Club, Yvonne Hopkinson (who to many of us is better known as the owner of Relaxed Birthing, the private hypnobirthing practitioner) reached out to explain that she has recently undertaken some training in hypnotherapy and would I be interested in seeing if it helped me tackle my problem. Open to anything, I of course gladly accepted.

A little bit of background…. as a child, flying was a very regular part of my life. We lived in Korea and America and when I was very young I don’t remember flights at all which suggests they can’t have been too traumatic! As a teenager though I had a couple of very turbulent transatlantic crossings and in time started to fly on my own or with my brother and I think it’s probably about this stage of my life that I started to feel very anxious about the whole process of flight. The feelings of discomfort would start before I left for the airport and the massive rush of relief and relaxation would hit me as soon as the plane hit the runway the other side.

I’ve never been a hysterical flier but I do get incredibly tense and find the whole process absolutely exhausting, so much so that I’m often a bit spent for the first few days of my holiday which is such a shame. I’ve kept my phobia (just about) in check with my children when they have been small and so far none of them seem to have inherited it but I’m not a pleasant travelling companion. I get snappy, irritable and really retreat into myself.

I arrived for my appointment with Yvonne a little bemused as to what to expect but fairly relaxed. Unfortunately due to having left things a bit late we only had one session together and I know I would have benefited greatly from a course of sessions. Yvonne had kindly consolidated her techniques into one long session of relaxation and talked me through what to expect. We chatted a bit about my history of fear of flying and what I thought the triggers might be and then it was time to hop on to the couch.

I was made to feel very warm and cosy and really felt very safe and relaxed. Yvonne than started to speak soothingly about how safe I was and slowly my mind went into a zone and I was led through a series of exercises whereby I re-enacted several scenarios from my memory. Some of them good and some of them not so good. There were some tears and at the end I was astounded at what my brain had been able to recall and how emotive those memories had been!

At the end of each session Yvonne leads you through a process whereby you wipe your memory slate clean and allow yourself to envision the whole scenario as you’d like it to be; so a relaxing drive to the airport, a glass of wine on the plane and maybe, just maybe even a little nap!

But how did this all translate to the actual flight itself I hear you ask?

Well Yvonne sent me an MP3 recording to help me relax and I started to listen to this a few days before our big flight to California. I kept on listening and I’ve really never felt so relaxed on arrival. I allowed myself to be excited about our amazing trip and to accept all of the ‘treats’ that come with long haul air travel. The flight was smooth sailing and the plane a brand new dreamliner which certainly helped but it really was the most relaxing airplane journey I can remember in a very long time. My mind just seemed to be set to ‘positive’ mode – the leg room even seemed generous! I didn’t quite manage to sleep but everything else was perfect.

Coming home was more turbulent but again with the help of the MP3, a ten hour light sailed by and I enjoyed all of the aspects that I’d otherwise been unable to. These flights were the first time in a long time when I’ve been able to eat on a plane. Sounds mad I know!

So if like me you do suffer, rest assured that help is out there. I’m pleased to say that Yvonne is now offering hypnotherapy to women who want to overcome any kinds of trauma or anxieties. I really trust her and would not hesitate to recommend her services one hundred percent.

I’m nowhere near cured of my fear of flying but it’s something I feel I’ve taken steps to get control of rather than feeling like it very definitely had control of me.

Pop Yvonne an email to find out more to yvonne@relaxedbirthing.co.uk, her website for this kind of service is coming soon to www.yvonnehopkinson.co.uk and you can also follow her at her brand new Instagram.

Fly high Mamans!



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