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Welcome to the Cheltenham MumBoss Club! So many of us Mums in Gloucestershire are busy building our own brands and businesses or are thinking about taking the plunge. By joining the MumBoss club you’ll be given first opportunity to sign up for local events where like minded mums get together to share ideas, frustrations and learn a thing or two about the practicalities of running a business. You’ll also be surprised at how useful the opportunity to make new contacts in the world of business is.

Your industry is irrelevant – as long as you’re a Mum and run your own business (be it a bakery or a blog) you are welcome.

What does the MumBoss club offer?


A monthly ticketed meeting will take place in 2017 – we are loathed to use the word ‘networking’ as that’s become a business in itself but essentially we’ll all just get together over coffee (babies welcome) somewhere swanky or cosy depending on our moods  and chat about all things MumBoss. Each month we’ll bring an expert to the event – no power point presentations – no preaching at you or selling of their professional services – just someone who we can get the lowdown from when our natural conversations amongst ourselves need some guidance or a definitive answer.

Topics for 2017 MumBoss events so far include:

  • The emotions of business set up – putting yourself out there and how to manage ‘THE FEAR.’
  • Social Media and how to harness it’s full potential.
  • The financial ins and outs of being self employed – key dates and tasks.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • The Law – copyright, intellectual property, what you can and can’t publish online.
  • The importance of branding.

We also publish regular articles on all areas of business and encourage our members to contribute articles too. If you’re a member these will be sent directly to your inbox!

And hot off the press we offer a matchmaking service for MumBosses to sign up to become and be matched with an Accountability Partner. 

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