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Prepping Yourself For Life as MumBoss

Prepping Yourself For Life as MumBoss

I’ve written before about the ups and downs of life as a MumBoss and how it ain’t all bellinis and business meetings but if you’ve got a really unique and potentially brilliant idea and it’s like an itch that you just have to scratch then it’s definitely time to take the plunge and give it a go.

Today I’m writing about an up and coming event that could be the best investment you make before you dive off the platform of employment or life as a stay at home mum and set up shop (whether your shop is an actual shop or a service, attraction or website.) My MumBoss in a Day Workshop will be a whistle stop tour of all aspects of small business in the very early days and by coming along you’ll be giving yourself the gift of a distraction free day to focus on your idea in a safe, welcoming environment where no question is stupid and nobody pretends to have all the answers.

I never proclaim to be an expert but I do have some experience and am now fairly well placed to help new MumBosses consider all aspects of business in the very early days before they have the time and budget to start purchasing in expensive (and eventually definitely necessary) services such as professional coaching, accountancy or legal advice. If your business gets off to a good start in time you’ll certainly need this type of specialist advice (and I can point you in the direction of some brilliant local providers) but to start with you need to look after every single penny.

I’ve chosen a great little venue on the outskirts of the Cotswolds. The Old Village Shop is exactly what it says on the tin- an old village shop but it’s been converted into a comfortable and stylish venue for intimate workshops and meetings. In the stunning village of Overbury (about 7 miles from Cheltenham) it’s the perfect spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of town and enjoy some tranquility and head space to focus on your endeavours. With a bit of luck the sun will be shining on the 1st July and we can enjoy our lunch al fresco.

We’ll meet at 10 and the coffee will be hot and ready to help us focus our minds and channel our energy into getting the best business outcomes for you on the day. We’ll start out with a lovely informal chat about ourselves introducing our hobbies, family and what has motivated us to attend on the day. Now what happens at MumBoss in a Day will forever stay in that room and the group will be sworn to secrecy and this is so that everyone feels comfortable revealing what their business or proposed business is. It’s important that we can all talk openly and honestly about our plans and worries and the group will be kept to a maximum of eight to ensure we all get adequate to speak and to listen. We’ll learn a lot from one another I promise!

When we’ve all broken the ice we’ll have a chat about the format your new business can take from a financial and legal perspective and I can point you in the direction of some really useful resources and contacts should you need them. We’ll also look at some bullet points on tax requirements for each type of business format.

More coffee will no doubt be required as will a necessary biscuit or two to keep our blood sugar up. I would hate to have any of you feint on me.

Next up we’ll have a step by step look at how to setup a WordPress website, look at your options when it comes to hosting and run through some great ideas for making it look extra special with the help of themes. Remember I’m not an expert but I’ve spent plenty of time teaching myself these tips and tricks so all I’m offering to you is some time saving and in business time is money! We’ll also talk through brand and the importance of logo and avoiding intellectual property (trademarking) pitfalls.

At about this time I suspect we’ll all be ready for some lunch! A two course meal and some delicious cold drinks will re-energise our brains and perhaps a ten minute stroll through the village will mean we are refreshed and ready to pack in as much learning as possible to the afternoon.

Now your options for marketing are plentiful and we’ll take a whistlestop tour through the best options for each of your businesses brainstorming together the ways we might as consumers find out about the kind of services we provide and thinking about the process that leads to us parting with our hard earned cash. Inevitably social media of some sort will be a must do for all of you and it’s a subject I know well so I’ll give you a run through of the different platforms and how to find the right audience and keep them engaged with brilliant content.

Again another subject I’m pretty familiar with we’ll touch on blogging for business and together brainstorm some ideas for topics you might not have considered to create an article about as well as giving you the confidence to go out and put a blog together – it’s so much easier than you think!

Definitely time for tea…… (and biscuits…..?)

We’ll consider the old adage ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ and look at the importance of making contacts as well as sharing ways to make them. As part of my service to you I’ll introduce you to anyone I know who you might be able to collaborate with or further your business and I know a lot of local people so this alone carries some hefty value for a start up!

Finally we’ll consider the emotions of setting up a business which is a subject close to my heart quite simply as I was so unprepared for the way I would feel when I launched my new venture. I had never considered how it would affect my existing relationships, how hard I would find placing a value on what I do, who to trust and how to cope with competition in a way that doesn’t have you snivelling into a glass of wine on a Friday night. You’ll need to learn how to manage your time, be brave, switch off (though to be honest I’m still learning this one myself) and how to ride the confidence rollercoaster.

We’ll finish up with a glass of fizz (or softy for those who don’t fancy it) in the sunshine (wishful thinking?) before I wish you all the very best of luck on your endeavours and bid you farewell. You’ll leave buzzing with ideas, knowledge and a to do list longer than your arm so make sure you schedule in a free day the week after to put some of your ideas into practise.

You’ll also leave armed with a booklet full of links and contacts and the slides from the day and an invitation to join a private Facebook group so you can stay in touch with the other women you met and support one another in your journey.

Now obviously I’m biased but I can’t help but think how much I would have valued a day like this when I started out on my journey so I’ve written this blog in the hope that you’ll spread the news and tag any friends you think might be in the zone. I can’t wait to welcome them.

The MumBoss in a Day Workshop will be held every six months and this first workshop is on Saturday the 1st July and will be available for the introductory offer price of £99 to include lunch and course materials. Maybe see you there?


Book your tickets for MumBoss in a Day here. 


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