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Welcome to the Cheltenham MumBoss Club! So many of us Mums in Gloucestershire are busy building our own brands and businesses or are thinking about taking the plunge. By joining the MumBoss club you’ll be given first opportunity to sign up for local events where like minded mums get together to share ideas, frustrations and learn a thing or two about the practicalities of running a business. You’ll also be surprised at how useful the opportunity to make new contacts in the world of business is.

Your industry is irrelevant – as long as you’re a Mum and run your own business (be it a bakery or a blog) you are welcome.

A monthly ticketed meeting will take place in 2017 –  essentially we’ll all just get together over coffee (babies welcome) somewhere swanky or cosy depending on our moods  and chat about all things MumBoss. Each month we’ll bring an expert to the event – no preaching at you or selling of their professional services – just someone who we can be inspired by and who can hopefully send us on our way with minds fill of ideas and feeling motivated.

JUNE 21st MUMBOSS CLUB (7pm, The Strand)

Right… June’s MumBoss club event is an important one.

Confidence…. it’ s a massively important ingredient for a successful MumBoss cake but have too much or too little and you’re in trouble. For the purpose of this event we’re going to focus on building confidence as we’re assuming that those with too much confidence (i.e cocky gits) are too busy admiring themselves in the mirror to book on an event.

During this interactive, facilitated discussion we’ll be brainstorming the reasons why our confidence can take a dip and having a good think about what we can do to pre-empt that and then manage it. We’ll also talk about ways to build our confidence and will go around the group (smaller this time to make for an intimate atmosphere) discussing the aspects of business we feel least confident about and sharing ideas for how to boost our strength, knowledge and mojo in those areas.

I’ve not invited a guest speaker to this event and as the event facilitator I hold my hands up and admit to having some serious dips in confidence so don’t book a ticket on the assumption I will be giving you all the answers. However do book a ticket on the assumption that a group of women with incredible collective talent will give you some answers, ideas and tips for building your confidence and that you will walk out of that room holding your head and shoulders a little higher than when you came in.

I do have one special guest I hope can come who will share her incredible story and then tell you about how she lacks confidence. If she can do the things she has done…. we can all achieve our ambitions no problem. (This is TBC so stay tuned for more information!)

Together we will help each other to be just confident enough and to manage the highs and lows of the confidence flow and you’ll leave with a checklist of tricks to help you start to take your abilities and potential a little more seriously!
Tickets include hot drinks, fruit and some naughty sweet treats. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the bar.

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July 30th MumBoss Club (11am The Clarence Social)

Our July monthly MumBoss meet couldn’t come at a better time for those of us with school age children. The summer holidays are a real challenge for keeping on top of work and home so this monthly meet up will focus on making the most of the time you have.

As always we’ll meet for tea and coffee and snacks before getting stuck into a workshop lead by one of the club, Life Coach Laura Duggal. There will be time at the end of the workshop for informal networking.

Laura says…

‘Do you want to take back control of your time? Do you sometimes feel like you’re running from one appointment to the next but not really sure what you’re getting from them? Do you know what your priorities are? Time Management is never just about organising your diary, it’s also a reflection of how we handle our boundaries, what we are letting into our lives and the gap between what we want our lives to look like and what they actually look like.

This workshop will help you to prioritise activities that are the most important to you and will help you start saying no, so that you can say yes to the things you really want! The workshop will be interactive and you will leave with practical activities to take forward to your everyday life. You will need to bring your diary, whether it’s on your phone or paper based as we’ll be using them to do a few activities throughout the morning.

Laura Duggal is a Life Coach, working with Mums, who want to find more space and time in their lives for the things they want to do. Her coaching is mainly done via skype, meaning that you don’t even have to leave the house to start taking action! Laura lives in Cheltenham with her husband and 2 year old daughter. You can contact Laura on 07793122191, at or on Facebook at

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Here’s a gallery of our MumBoss club meetings to date..

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