Creating our Modern Family Home

Creating our Modern Family Home

Where we lived previously was a period, 1900 cottage. It was a lovely, cosy, family home – but it never felt stylish. No matter how much we renovated and decorated it in a modern and contemporary style it always felt as though it was torn between ‘country chic’ and modern living. It didn’t really work and I never felt totally happy with the rooms.

When we moved into our new-build family home new 18 months ago I immediately knew that this home was going to be very contemporary – and so I have really gone for it this time. I have thoroughly enjoyed finding a new style. But is it really possible to combine minimalist, contemporary living with the practicalities of family life?


Well I think so. We have 4-year-old twins who are boisterous and like to have heaps of fun playing inside and outside and yet we manage to also have a nice family home. It feels cosy and inviting, as well as somewhere that we like to spend a lot of time relaxing and being together.

So here are my hints and tricks for adding modern style into a family home, relatively inexpensively.

1. Go white


I know that this sounds a bit mad with young children living in a house but white walls looks so bright and clean. Plus, if they do get messy then you can easily paint over it. A lot of our house is white and I actually find that it is no different to cream or light grey for showing up stains. White gives a room a really contemporary feel and you can add bold colours in with accessories, or change them when you get bored!

2. Use prints & frames


Prints and quotes can be a great way of modernising a family home, as they are really trendy right now. Use black or white frames and anything personal to you is a superb idea. Perhaps use photographs of the family to display on the walls, or the places you have been to, as this makes the house feel more homely and individual.

3. Declutter


It is incredibly difficult to live in a contemporary family home with piles of stuff everywhere! So storage is my best friend! I have it all over our home so that I can tidy up when they’re done playing. I must admit that it is easier in this house because it is far bigger than our last house, but even in our previous home we had lots of amazing storage solutions to help us.

I also regularly have a good clear out of toys, paperwork and clothes; giving away unwanted things to charity. I have never been one for hoarding things anyway so I don’t find this process too difficult.

4. Key trends

I am always on the look out for key interiors trends and try to use them within our family home to keep up-to-date. Sometimes I might just buy a few new pieces each year to update our home and give it a more stylish feel.

I am actually really enjoying seeing our lovely new family home evolve and am excited at the progress. It has also given me a real passion for everything regarding homes, interiors and style.

Love, Jess x

A Guest Blog from Jess Soothill

About Jess


Jess is Mummy to my beautiful twins Harry & Lottie, who are 4 years old. They both came into their world after three rounds of IVF. Jess is married to her lovely Hubby and they all live together in Worcestershire. Aside from being a Mum and blogger, she works freelance, writing content for various websites and managing social media.

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  1. November 9, 2016 / 6:28 am

    I’m about to embark on the renovation of our soon-to-be new home. White is my first choice but the hubby is yet to be convinced!

  2. November 10, 2016 / 9:38 am

    Thanks for featuring us! We love Cheltenham Maman 🙂 xx

    • kateandlilabug
      November 10, 2016 / 3:29 pm

      You are welcome back anytime! x

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