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Maman Pages Have Landed

Maman Pages Have Landed

Does anyone actually get a copy of the Yellow Pages any more? I remember how they used to sit proudly alongside the old telephone in the hallway in my childhood home. Need a haircut – check out the pages, want to do an exercise class…. it was the place to go. But now? …… not so much.

I get loads of emails and messages via the site and social media from mums who are moving or have recently moved to the area. There is so much information on the internet, it can be really hard to know where to start your search for a particular service or if you want to shop locally. It got me thinking that as well as the blog and the events there is space at CheltenhamMaman to go one step further and create a sort of notice board for all of the local businesses I have worked with and whose services I can hand on heart recommend. So today I give you Maman Pages.

Maman Pages are a series of pages on the site listing businesses who are here to help you have a fuller, easier and just better life as a mother locally. The focus is on you as the Mum, as the Mum to be or as the MumBoss and the businesses who are listed are invited to be there – it’s not just a free for all which (I hope) means you can see the wood from the trees and trust that the people I recommend I have either worked with or been a customer of and can attest to their professionalism or in some cases I have taken testimonials from their customers and done a bit of homework to check that what they are offering is of a high standard.

Of course united we are stronger and I’ve been able to negotiate some great offers and exclusive discounts for you all as a community so if you are looking to make a purchase it’s always a great idea to check out the pages to see if there are any new discount codes.

You’ll notice that the numbers of businesses listed are few – in time as I develop new relationships and trust with even more local providers you can expect to see the list grow. If there is a business you think I should know about tell them to get in touch so I can find out more about what they offer and if they want to be featured.

For now the live pages on the site cover Maman Self Care (so relaxation services, exercise any services which are all about giving you some protected time – you can’t pour from an empty cup!), MumBoss services…. professional people and organisations who can support you in business, Pregnancy (anyone offering a service to make those nine short months fuller and happier) and Shopping (does what it says on the tin! Shop small, shop local and a real person does a little happy dance!)

To look forward to and under development we have a page on local childcare services and I will be re launching the Maman Friendly job page so let your employers know that they need to be sharing their part time, flexi time or work from home employment opportunities with me!

I’d love to know what you think or if you have any recommendations for additions to the site. There is a fee for businesses to list on the site which all goes towards ensuring the site has a future as the hub of all things mothering in our beautiful county. Just click on any of the boxes to be taken straight to the website of that business.

Thanks as ever for your lovely support Mamans! I’ll be posting later in the week with an update on how this business is working out for me but as ever any feedback (positive or constructive) is so gratefully received.

CMHQ and those listed on Maman Pages x



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