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Make Every Moment a Happy One

Make Every Moment a Happy One

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The eldest CheltenhamEnfant was conceived during my gap year in South Africa where I was backpacking with my now husband the Cheltenham Papa. We chose SA as he has a lot of family out there who we could stay with from time to time saving us a few quid and also learning about what it’s really like to live in the beautiful but trouble country. The one thing all of his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins did most evenings with out fail was to head out to one of the huge number of local beauty spots and lookout points for a sundowner. They would have permanent little bar kits in the boots of the car and they’d pitch up somewhere stunning and have just one drink whilst watching the sun go down.

It’s a tradition that has stuck with us all this time and one I love to recreate when I go on holiday. Whether it be walking down to the beach in Devon, sitting on the harbour while the kids caught crabs or whilst cooking outside in France there’s something special about enjoying wherever it is in the world that you are with friends or family without the hassle and expense of finding a bar or a pub to say cheers in. Oh and if any of you have an eighteen month old like I do you’ll know that you have a window of about 7 minutes in which to enjoy a meal or drink in any establishment before they need the freedom to roam and reap havoc.

So this year we’ve taken our sundowners on tour and I’m pleased to report that I have a new addition to my mobile bar! Sparkling wine never used to be an option for a sundowner – glasses are just not practical – and I am super proud to say that a Cheltenham based company Off-Piste wines has solved this particular problem with the amazing new sparkling Pinot Grigio in a can that is PinotPinot and you can now buy it in branches of Sainsburys all over the country for just £2.50 a can – compare that to your £6 glass in a bar! 

So far I’ve enjoyed this wine on holiday in the UK and in Europe (it made a great addition to my overnight ferry experience), at my local park on an impromptu mums’ picnic, on Cleeve Hill (our local beauty spot) at the end of an evening walk with the family and I’m really looking forward to taking a few cans to The Big Feastival at the end of the month.

Special moments happen all the time when you have children but over the years I’ve learned two super important rules…. happiness is what happens while you are busy planning how to be happy – i.e a fancy family dinner at a swanky restaurant that you are really looking forward to will more often than not end in disappointment – and that the simple life is the best life. So grab your special people and a can of something cold and delicious and get outside while the evenings are still warm. Do more of what makes you happy! 


(Always Drink Responsibly)


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