Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

Ahhhhhhh……. it’s so nice to write a proper post! It’s been such a long time and the site is so busy with lots of new and exciting events and more and more mums wanting to get involved that I find myself having less and less time to just sit down and spill the contents of my head onto this virtual notepad.

It’s been a funny old month. The summer comes around and the focus of life seems to change. The winter lends itself so nicely to getting stuck in to work projects and staying cosy that when the sun comes out and socialising with friends and family becomes more important you take a look at your hibernated self and wonder what happened. When did I forget to look after myself? How did I get so pale and well…… squishy.

I’ve been so focused on building this little community that I’ve been even more guilty of this than usual and the pounds have crept on and the bad habits have crept in. A drink or two most nights has turned into my only way of relaxing and before you know it, though I’m body confident (or perhaps indifferent), I’m certainly not feeling healthy.

So when one of my lunatic friends messaged me and a group of others to suggest we did the Tough Mudder half in August (yes… August… great month for endurance challenges…..) I couldn’t say no. It was really the incentive I need to get off my arse and start moving more.

So here I am, just over eight weeks to go and I’m not sure whether to squat or jog, to lunge or cycle, to plank or spin but I know for sure that I need to do something. I’ve joined a gym…. that’s a start and I’m not feeling too intimidated by all the sweaty big guns prancing about in their wife beaters and hot pants. I’ve been um….. four times and I’ve forgotten my water and headphones three of those times so I had to go home quite soon after arriving as I was thirsty and bored. But I’m committed and that’s what counts… I don’t want to be the one on the team crying on the day saying I can’t go on and who they end up hauling over the electric fence (yes… they have those). In fact if I could just get my sorry behind to the gym a few more times I’m pretty sure in time I could be a contender for a cover slot in Women’s Health magazine…. baby steps.

However… in all seriousness…. there’s five of us braving the course and I’ll be telling you more about them all in a series of blogs in a few weeks time but we’re all adding a bit of fundraising to the mix so not only will we have to get fit enough to complete this thing we’ll also have to raise some dosh for some really worth while causes that are close to all of our hearts. Five girls, five charities, a lot of mud, a few electric shocks, barbed wire (sure I’ll be the one to tear my shorts open… just in the wrong place – I have all the luck) and as YouTube would have me believe an obstacle called the Birth Canal – brilliant. It’s also worth noting that I am scared of everything. Confined spaces, water, crowds, over ripe bananas… you name it. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in assembling your own team and taking part (we’re running on the Sunday) it would be great to link up at the end and compare notes, bruises and face colours (I am aubergine… every time) – here’s the link to find out more.  Or if you want a sneak peak at the team and our individual charity choices take a look here – but I’ll be be telling you more about each of them in detail a little closer to the time. But for now… I better get back to the gym. Water and headphones firmly in my bag. Seems like I may have run out of excuses.







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