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June Charity of the Month – Battledown Centre for Children and Families

June Charity of the Month – Battledown Centre for Children and Families

‘Meet Emily..

Emily has a rare genetic condition known as 1p36 chromosome deletion syndrome, which means part of her genetic code is missing.  As a result of this she has a number of issues such as low muscle tone, permanent hearing loss, speech delay, developmental delay, and a mild heart condition.

As soon as Emily was diagnosed with her condition in 2011, we were referred to Battledown Centre for Children and Families.  The staff and network of experts at Battledown have been a constant support and source of encouragement and hope to us.  At Battledown, the staff focus on what Emily can do, and not what she can’t do, this has kept us positive and given us lots of hope for Emily’s future.  Her development is documented and measured so we can see the great progress she is making.

Emily has a team of no less than 10 professionals working very hard to support her in every area, and to offer help and guidance to us.  In addition to this we have met some families in a similar situation and made a great network of friends to share our experiences with.

Battledown rely heavily on fundraising to purchase new equipment and materials to support the children’s learning needs. ‘

This month CheltenhamMaman is supporting the registered charity, Battledown Friends Group (BFG). Battledown is a centre for approximately 40 children between the ages of two and seven years who have special educational needs. Our aim is to support the school and in particular the children and their families.

The school plays a very special role in the community, providing much needed support for our special needs local children, by enabling them to have fun, learn and grow in a safe environment. The difficulties the children experience include speech and language delay/disorder, developmental delay, profound and multiple learning disorders and sensory impairment.

The last OFSTED inspection rated the school as ’outstanding’, however in these times of government cut-backs providing the practical things needed to help the school achieve its objectives and the ever-changing needs of our children puts greater and greater demands on the funds available to the school.

The team at Battledown are targeting their fundraising to fund visits to Bushley, a Therapeutic Horticulture learning experienceResearch shows that horticultural therapy improves mental and physical well-being.  Bushley is a delightful experience for children and has numerous benefits:

  • Exploration of a new outdoor ‘classroom’
  •  Working as part of a group and developing communication skills.
  • Planting seeds and bulbs, caring for them and observing growth
  •  Improved self-esteem from growing plants and giving them as gifts
  •  Being able to see animals in close proximity & watching baby animals grow
  • Travelling through the countryside making observations of the environment

If you want to support the fundraising for this incredible local charity you can take a look at their website  or donate by sending a cheque to:

Battledown Centre for Children & Families

Harp Hill



GL52 6PZ

or you can email admin@battledown.gloucs.sch.uk for bank details to make an electronic donation.

CheltenhamMaman will be supporting Battledown in June with 5% of any profits made through the site this month.


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