It’s a Phase, Just a Phase…

It’s a Phase, Just a Phase…

As soon as I think we are in a routine and have got this parenting malarky all figured out, it’s like my toddler knows it’s time to throw a curve ball. Time for another phase to hit, another challenge to divert you off course again!

Currently we are in the ‘I’m going to wake up at 5.30am everyday’ phase and I can tell you that no amount of ‘Baby Jake’ after breakfast will ever make the day start right. See, Cbeebies is the gauge in the Patchett household and you know its a good day when you turn on the TV and are greeted by ‘Bing’ or ‘Postman Pat’ – That’s a good amount of sleep!

I find this early rising a particularly hard phase for me, I really need/LOVE/need my sleep and anything before 6.30 is still night time in my eyes. I think the sting that makes it worse is that we’ve just got over the baby phase, the waking in the night, teething and midnight cries for dummy that now I’ve been spoilt with better nights sleep again!

Not to mention turning up to work feeling extra bleary-eyed or if it’s a day at home that early start just makes it feel super long!

We’ve just passed another delightful phase that rears its head far too often at the moment; The phase of not eating much for a couple weeks, refusing all the dishes Sonny couldn’t get enough of last week. This always panics me and sends me into full worry mode; worry that he’ll never eat nutritious proper meals again, worried he will forever be fussy, become an adult man who will only eat chips and fish fingers…my mind takes over and runs wild!

I really need to remind myself not to stress and remember ‘it’s just a phase’, a week later Sonny is back on a 3 course breakfast again and come dinner time spooning that vegetable pie into his mouth! This phase happens quite regularly and I’ve read will continue to do so through childhood so I need to learn to ride it out!

There is no way to prepare myself for what’s next but I need to just keep reminding myself, its just a phase and as quickly as it arrives, it will leave and hopefully leave a stronger, albeit slightly more tired looking, mum (and dad) behind it!

A Guest Blog from Harriet Patchett
About Harriet

Harriet is mum to nearly 2 year old, energetic Sonny whilst also working as an Event Manager in the South West. Harrietloves.co.uk was created as little piece of ‘me time’ amongst a hectic and exciting career and even busier home life. Harriet loves quality time with her hubby walking along one of Devon’s many beaches or a cake and cuppa date with her girlfriends.


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