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How to feel confident in your own style

How to feel confident in your own style

We are all busy women and can’t waste time worrying about what we’re wearing. As a Personal Stylist, I know that what we wear has a huge impact on our feelings so here are my tips on managing how you feel about your style and what to wear.

Dress for your body shape

I love fashion and have always followed the latest trends but I know that not every look will work for me. The high fashion trends we see on the catwalks always diffuse down to the high street in a more wearable look but they still aren’t for everyone. I strongly believe in style over fashion and dressing for your body shape.

Actually look at your figure in the mirror, identify your body shape and recognise your best bits to draw attention to and the areas you want to distract from. Don’t be governed by fashion, only wear the trends that are flattering for your figure now. By that I mean the shape you currently are. Before children I had a completely different body shape & my busty figure then wouldn’t have suited the same styles that I can wear now. Oh how I miss my curves & those perky boobs but I know the importance of embracing what you’ve got now and dressing for your body shape as it is now.

Find your style identity

Does your style reflect who you are? What you wear should be an extension of you. Many of my clients feel like they have lost their way with fashion and style, particularly mums if they’ve got in to the habit of hiding away in baggy shapeless clothes or even still wearing unflattering maternity clothes. It isn’t about wearing the latest trends but finding a signature style that suits your lifestyle will make you feel more confident.

If you are stuck in a style rut and need inspiration think of someone you know or a celeb whose style you admire and look at what they wear and how they put together an outfit. Pintrest and Instagram are a great source of style inspiration. Also consider making an appointment with a Personal Stylist. We are no longer just for the rich and famous and will save you time and money in the long run by teaching you how to dress for your shape and colouring and avoid making fashion mistakes in the future. We will pass on tips and styling hacks to freshen up what you already have in your wardrobe too.

If you love it, wear it!

Don’t keep clothes for best. Think of how you can work the items you love and been complimented on into your everyday wardrobe. You deserve to feel fantastic all the time so style them up for any occasion. Dress down your favourite dress with a denim shirt over the top. Team those killer heels you bought for your girls’ night out with jeans and a jumper. Wear that summer dress you love also in the colder months layered with tights, boots and a leather jacket. Think about making your wardrobe work harder and wearing your favourite clothes in different ways.

Appreciate how you look right now.

Don’t plan to feel good about yourself when you’ve gone through a diet or changed shape. I hear all the time “ I’d love a Personal Stylist to take me shopping/ go through my wardrobe/ do my colours but I need to lose weight first, maybe next year”. My heart sinks when I hear that because why wait to appreciate yourself and how you look? Why spend the next few months wearing clothes you don’t like and are unflattering. Enjoy the present you!

Don’t silence your own style

Try not to worry about what other people think or dumb down what you are wearing incase of negative comments on your style. If you like it and feel confident then wear it. As mums we are meeting new people and making new friends all the time. It’s easy to pull on a stripey top and jeans to wear to playgroup or the school run so that you blend in with everyone else but actually wearing that sequin bomber you love on the school run shows your personality and is a conversation starter. Have fun with fashion. Don’t overthink things and wear what the f**k you like to feel happy and confident!

A Guest Blog from Lucy Eastment

About Lucy

Lucy is a Personal Stylist from Bristol working with men and women of all sizes, shapes, ages and lifestyles using colour analysis, wardrobe consultation and personal shopping. She is a married mum of two so understands that style is not always a priority when having to juggle family, work and a social life. She aims to offer simple solutions for everyday style problems and inspire her clients to look good and feel good.

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