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Over 40 million of us in the UK use Social Media and on average we spend just shy of two hours each day catching up with the latest on these platforms. This highlights just how much content there is available to consume and what a great opportunity social media can be for businesses looking to improve awareness of their brand. Equally, it presents a real challenge for anyone who wants to be able to cut through the noise to reach the right customers. MumBoss Nicola Price has joined forces with Amy Pearcey to help Cotswold businesses to do just that. 

Amy runs Cirencester Rocks, sister to the local ‘what’s on’ for families website Cheltenham Rocks (run by the lovely MumBoss Laura Smith). Amy met Nicola last year when she interviewed her for Cirencester Rocks. Shortly after Nicola had launched Little Cotswolds which showcased some of her gorgeous photography (she is a professional photographer) alongside tips for local parents of great places to eat and things to do around the Cotswolds.

Aside from their passion for the Cotswolds and spreading the word to local families, they realised they had quite a lot in common! They had both re-trained as Social Media Managers and both studied an Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing with Digital Mums. Here they talk about how their experience has brought them together and their exciting plans going forwards. 

Amy says…..

When Laura asked if I’d be up for creating Cirencester Rocks, I was both excited and nervous.  I grew up in the area, have lived in Cirencester for several years and I love the town and life in the Cotswolds. As a mum of two young children I had a fair bit of knowledge of things to do for local families but was always keen on getting new ideas and inspiration. My background was in marketing and corporate fundraising in the non-profit sector and Cirencester Rocks became an excellent opportunity to embrace social media marketing and expand that skill set in the digital world.

I took the opportunity and have loved it ever since; I feel Cirencester Rocks is a fantastic asset for families locally and building on that experience is how I have come to work with other local businesses to help grow their social media following.  

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s a two-way, conversational space and you can’t just share information about your business like you would through other marketing channels. Brands that are sociable online are the brands that succeed and that involves a bit of know-how. When you’re a small business managing your social media marketing can be a struggle; it takes a time, resources and a little bit of techie knowledge. I found that by providing those precious few hours in the week to drive the business forward I helped make a real, measurable impact. Working in a freelance capacity has allowed me to share and expand my knowledge, as I continue to learn as well as provide training. In the ever-changing sea of digital platforms, it is the importance of planning and building relationships that remains constant.  

Nicola says…

As a mum of two young children as well, I knew I wanted to create a more flexible lifestyle and started the process of a career change from an established Head of Geography and retrained as a newborn and child photographer starting my business from scratch and my myself. Summer George Photography has grown from strength to strength and cracking my marketing and advertising has been key to its success. To build my brand even more, I decided to complete the Digital Mums training and my passion for that has led me to create the sister brand Summer George Social, a boutique digital agency specialising in social media strategy, management, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

Even though we both love working with clients to develop successful strategies and provide the day to day management of their platforms, we understand that not all businesses are able outsource their social media. Training is a great vehicle to pass on our knowledge to others, providing 1-2-1 support and delivering workshops to small groups of business people. 

We decided to join forces to offer a really cost effective, full day workshop to businesses who may already use Facebook and Instagram but would like a more in-depth understanding of what success looks like. Nicola is also going to share her tips on how to create a high performing advert. If you have a business page on Facebook, you will probably know that the algorithm makes it really difficult for businesses to reach their audience, which is why advertising is essential to growth. It’s cost effective and has fantastic targeting capabilities. 

We have lots of best practice examples on Facebook and Instagram so businesses can reflect on what good looks like, what this means for their strategy, what they might be doing wrong and what they need to do more of.

Our course takes place on Thursday 16th of May in Cirencester from 10am-4:00pm. You can find out more about the course here. We also have an Early Bird ticket offer which is valid until the end of April. 

Follow Amy at on Facebook and Instagram and Nicola on Facebook and Instagram

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