CheltenhamMaman Get Set. Go!

So you’ve made it to the site. Congratulations – you won’t bloody regret it.

This is the start ladies of Cheltenham and the glorious Cotswold countryside. The start of something big.

It’s time that we came out from the masks that are our social media profiles and make real friends. We already know that we have soooo much in common, it’s only our anxieties that have us hiding on our sofas, glued to our phones. It’s fine to be hooked on Instagram or Facebook, but lets make some real contacts too. Let’s celebrate the Cheltenham Motherhood and share what we’ve all learned so far. There will always be new Mamans joining us, we can be sure of that, so lets create a lasting legacy and a safe place to kick back, share a cocktail at noon if we bloody well want to and create the kind of support networks we see on Call the Midwife, only with more comfortable bras and faster bicycles.

Get Set. GO!!!!




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