Heads Up on a Cheltenham Parenting Event!

John Lewis CheltenhamMaman Cheltenham

Evening Mamans and Papas!

Just popping on quickly this Sunday evening to let you all know about an event coming up that may be of interest.

Some of you may have listened to the podcast I recorded with the Cheltenham based author of ‘Parenting for Life‘, Madeleine Stanimeros (and if you didn’t here’s the link). Madeleine is hosting an event on Friday the 1st February in the shiny new Discovery Room in John Lewis in Cheltenham. .

Mads told me ‘It’ll be an informal style, but an opportunity to work through the difference between punishments and consequences, resulting in kids rising in responsibility without nagging/arguments. And to learn some great ways to ensure kids stay open as they get older and trust us with their feelings now and right through the teen years. People can be as open or private as they like and we can work through any examples they bring. ‘

John Lewis CheltenhamMaman Cheltenham

If you listened to the podcast you’ll know that Mads is a big fan of consciously parenting and having some strategies and ideas in place for the challenges we face as parents rather than just winging it reactively. If this sounds like something you’re keen to work on too then this event on could be perfect for you!

Tickets are £20 and include a copy of Madeleine’s brilliant book and hot drinks and cake! You can book by calling the Experience Desk at John Lewis on 01242 544 042.

Hope you’ve all had a super weekend.

John Lewis CheltenhamMaman Cheltenham



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