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Have Child Will Travel

Have Child Will Travel

I’m a mum who has just been on holiday with my 2 girls; Imogen 23 months and Phoebe 7 months. My husband and I went on our first holiday with the little ones to Mallorca. I thought it might be useful to share what we found worked well and what didn’t to help any mums and dads that are looking for a holiday packing list along with the must haves and the space wasters. I am by no means an expert or a writer but just a mum with two under two who was nervous about travelling with two young bambinos. I took lots of advice from others about what to take prior to our trip and wanted to share my experience, so here goes……

Mosquito Net for cot 

We had travel cots in our room and someone told me to get them from amazon, which I did (very cheap about £5), when we arrived I thought this item might be a waste of time as it was early May and the weather was quite cold in the evenings. How glad I was we did! We used it night after night and whilst my husband and I got bitten all over, the babies were absolutely free from bites. Easy to use – just hooks over the top of any travel cot. (They do look like caged hens, it’s quite funny!)

Jelly shoes

Although this seems obvious we didn’t really use them until our nearly 2 year old slipped by the pool. Then she had them on all the time, they were only from Sainsbury’s, but were good quality and didn’t mark her feet, she was able to run in and out of the splash pool without us worrying at all.

Snooze Shade

I borrowed this from my friend, it was amazing letting our littlest bambino (7 month old) snooze in the day for as long as she wanted without worrying about her being in the shade or constantly moving an umbrella. This meant we could move about freely, it’s got good air flow and a zip window so you can have a peak without disturbing them. It velcros on to any buggy and I got it to work with a double stroller!


Although you think there will be enough for them to do at the hotel/villa with the pool and the beach etc, it was lovely to have a chill out in the room and the girls be entertained by books / puzzles / baby toys. They loved having familiar toys with them and they settled them nicely. We also took new activities for Imogen for the plane, she was amazing travelling for nearly 3 hours but we did have mini play dough, books, colouring and yes the iPad. We downloaded several episodes on cBeebies and the Sky kid’s app so we could use it in airplane mode. If it all kicked off we did have some chocolate. A little tip for the plane- leave it until last minute to get on, we did this which allowed Imogen to be free for longer, running around by the gate burning off more energy meaning we weren’t then squashed on the plane waiting for 30-45 minutes on top of the travel time for people to get on etc.

Sun Safe Tent

Another borrowed item! One of my friends said don’t bother with this but I’m so glad I stuck it in anyway. Behind loungers at the pool there was a little grass area and this was a nice for place for Phoebe as she couldn’t stay in the pool too long and she could play freely and safely in there. Imogen also used it on the beach, she loved colouring in there with a snack, and it wasn’t too big or heavy.

Double Buggy

With our girls being both so little we needed a holiday stroller, and I couldn’t decide weather to take a double or two singles. I decided on a double and I didn’t regret it. I loved the fact that one of us was always free to chase the toddler whilst she was roaming around but then it was always there for her to pop back in. I bought it second hand off Facebook so didn’t spend too much money just in case it got ruined, it was narrow enough to get in lifts and doorways without any problems.

Swimming Aids

We bought the usual inflatables out in Mallorca, boats and balls etc but I took lots of armbands, floatsuits, zip-up float jackets etc too. I wasn’t sure what would work best for us and she hardly used any. I guess it depends where you are, but we had a huge kids splash pool which she walked around in just her swimming outfit, so now we are back we will have to go swimming more often to get some use out of them. We definitely took too much, but my favourite space savers are the good old fashioned armbands.



Sorry if I am stating the obvious here but I took lots of kid friendly snacks for the room which helped us a lot even though we were all inclusive. Just to have a pack of raisins handy or an Ella’s kitchen pouch at the ready took the worry away that we would have to find a shop if they wanted to munch. I basically went to the kid’s aisle of the supermarket and stocked up on their favourite crispy bits and pouches.

Baby carrier/sling

This was amazing in the airport for when I had to put the buggy down at security and put it in the hold luggage, it just meant Phoebe was safe and I had two hands free to hold carry-on luggage or Imogen’s hand. It was also brilliant on holiday when Phoebe got a bit grouchy and it hardly takes up any space, we had it in our hand luggage bag when not being used.


We were going to take UHT milk just incase Imogen wanted some for comfort before we got anywhere in Mallorca. There are shops everywhere, and we didn’t need it so I would probably say the weight is better used elsewhere.

Our holiday was lovely and I didn’t regret travelling with the girls one bit, even though several people said we were crazy, it really was a brilliant overall experience.

Experiencing the mum-guilt on a daily basis over one thing or another, like we all do, made me want to take everything the girls could possibly need to help us focus on just having fun. My mother-in-law said ‘Chloe it’s only Spain! They do have babies over there too and shops and things like nappies or anything else you might need.’ I had a bit of a reality check and this made me laugh at myself and feel a bit better about the situation.

I obviously took all the other holiday essentials that you will already think of like medical kit, hats, suncream etc. Im lucky or unlucky enough (jokes) to still be breastfeeding, so one thing I can’t comment on is sterilising equipment or bottles. If anyone does want an extensive list to help remember what to pack, I adapted one my good friend Alix (who is meticulous with her lists) gave me. She had been before with babies and it really helped me organise myself leading up to the holiday, just drop me an email (Chloefitchett@outlook.com) or Insta message me (@mumma_2_girls) and I’d be more than happy to send you a copy.

A Guest Blog from Chloe Fitchett

About Chloe

Chloe is 30 years old, lives in Bishops Cleeve with her husband Craig, daughters Imogen and Phoebe and Jack Russell Snoopy. She’s kept very busy with the girls, enjoying every minute of maternity leave. Chloe loves nothing more than being outside at the park, walking the dog and seeing friends. She’s just got back into playing netball weekly, although she loves nothing more than a G&T and a night in!


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