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Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters

Being a mum brings so many challenges, more than I ever realised could be possible; overwhelming love, exhaustion, tiredness and guilt. Oh the guilt. Always trying to do my best but also always feeling like I have missed the mark or have not done enough.

This is true in so many parts of my role as a mum, but no more so then when it comes to feeding my children. Even now I can’t describe the elation I feel when they have eaten a ‘good’ meal. I physically can feel myself relax knowing all these nutrients will be zooming around their little bodies and nourishing them when they go off to sleep at night.

As a qualified Nutritionist, I questioned myself over and over again why I got so emotional and why I spent so long worrying about it. A few months ago, as I was wiping the left over children’s dinner off the walls and floor it occurred to me why. Looking over at all of the ‘baby weaning’ books I had collected and all the images of parents feeding their children, I realised they were the reason I had been so anxious.

All these images of smiley babies dressed in white sat in their high chairs. Their immaculate mothers sat opposite, feeding their tots food that had taken 6 hours to prepare. They weren’t giving me an accurate account of what weaning and toddler feeding would be like. Instead they were promoting an unrealistic lifestyle that was just setting me up for a fall, one massive ‘you aren’t as good as that immaculate mother’ fall.

More than anything, they didn’t ever prepare me for one thing – the world of the fussy eater. Something many mothers don’t want to admit to because it almost feels like we are admitting to a terrible secret, but a world that nearly all mothers experience – whether for a short period of time or a prolonged one.

I put my professional head on, and when speaking to all my friends who had young children, I realised that I wasn’t alone. In fact the world of feeding children, especially fussy eaters, is a really challenging one filled with questions, guilt and anxiety. I took all this information on board, and used my qualification to design a workshop…

Working alongside CheltenhamMaman we are going to be running a children’s nourishment workshop for fussy eaters.

I will not be promoting a lifestyle, instead it will be me, a real life mum, talking to other parents about how to nourish their children without the anxiety. The course will:

  • Look at the actual nutritional requirements of children at varying ages to really understand what they body’s need.
  • Look at all the different foods that can supply the required nutrients for your child.
  • Look at the tricks of the food industry and how some of their advertised food may not be beneficial.
  • Spend a long time exploring the world of fussy eaters – a phase nearly all children go through at some point and some many stay in. We will explore exactly what we, as parents, can do to ensure they are getting the nourishment they need without any mealtime battles.
  • Apply all this practical information and make a plan of how to use the information in a real life setting – this will include recipe cards, fact sheets as well as the chance to try some of the food yourself.

It will be set in a really informal environment and will be a chance to bring a group of parents  together to ask questions. I hope that you will go away feeling informed and empowered on the world of childhood nutrition, but in a practical and achievable way.

You can find out more and book your tickets for this workshop on the evening of Wednesday the 6th September just here…. maybe see you there?

Buy tickets for Coping with Fussy Eaters

A Guest Blog from Pillar of Health

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and mum of two young children. Being a mum to two young children, she understands nutrition in the real world – the advice she provides is with a real head on, whilst also trying to put the most nutrient dense foods into your body in the easiest way possible.

Having trained to BSc level in generic nutritional therapy, Jennifer decided to do some specialist training in the field of cancer and nutrition, but also in women’s health having completed a specific diploma in this area. Jen is on a mission to empower women and educate them on how important nutrition is for their health and well-being. As well as running a private practice, Jennifer is also one of the Nutritional Therapists working at Maggie’s Cancer Charity, she also works with Shine, a charity for women with post-natal depression. Jen also delivers corporate workshops. Her business is growing, along with her thirst for knowledge… she plans to undertake her next degree in biochemistry next year.

You can visit Jennifer’s site, Pillar of Health, you can email her at jennifer@pillarofhealth.co.uk or follow her on Twitter. Or even use the old fashioned telephone and drop her a line on 07766 015161.


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