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From Bébé to Toddler

From Bébé to Toddler

No don’t panic – I’m NEVER going to change her Insta name from anything but the Cheltenham Bébé – If I’m still here blogging away when she’s 16 she’ll still be affectionately referred to as the Cheltenham Bébé.

But technically now I guess she is no longer a baby. This weekend my darling little girl, light of my life, principle cause of my new grey hair and supersize eye bags and my very LAST baby turned two. I’ve been in this parenting game for sixteen whole years now and I don’t think that ‘where did the time go’ feeling ever goes away – particularly on their birthdays.

There are a few differences with the third though. We were sinking into bed the night before her birthday and I realised we’d not decorated the house with balloons and banners which is a tradition we’ve managed to stick to for everyone of the boys many birthdays – how could we fail her on only her second? So I kicked him out of bed and made him do it. Obviously.

Her birthday was really special – we took it easy on the present front (third child – standard) and bought her a pretty basic balance bike which she wiped out on about twenty minutes after opening. In the afternoon we hired our local village hall and with the help of a couple of the Cheltenham MumBosses she celebrated in style with a special birthday party. Big thanks to Sally at Pedal Car Parties (who can bring all of the table ware and decorations that you see in the pics) and Kim at The Butterless Bakery who makes vegan cakes.

Here’s a few pictures just in case anyone is busy party planning and needs some inspo! I wasn’t gifted anything in this post – just love my MumBosses and want to shout from the rooftops about everything they do! Shop small and shop local…. you’ll be making a real difference to a mum just like you!



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