If There’s A Will, It’s Much Easier to Find a Way.

If There’s A Will, It’s Much Easier to Find a Way.

I wonder if any of you remember that blog post I published just a few months ago from the aunt and uncle of two children whose mother died leaving them without anyone formally designated to care for them?

Such an awful situation on top of a terrible tragedy that rocked the whole family (here’s a link if you missed it.) Fortunately these children now have this loving couple as their legal guardians but these things aren’t always so simple.

Families are often complicated, but conversely sometimes they are also extremely simple, with very few extended relatives to whom a mother or father could pass on parental responsibility or financial guardianship of their children.

In our case both of our parents are divorced and have new partners – if anything were to happen to us our children wouldn’t be short of love, but without anything written down or agreed there would be confusion and with heightened emotions for all generations this isn’t in anyone’s interest.

So what stops us?

But then life gets in the way. Wills are traditionally expensive, making one requires thinking about things you’d rather not think about and difficult conversations – you put it off and put it off and put it off.

Maybe today is the day to get the ball rolling?

But actually it doesn’t need to be that way. Here in Gloucestershire (and in fact nationwide) we are lucky to have a free will writing service provided via the cherished charity Sue Ryder Care (our local hospice in Leckhampton in close to many of our hearts.)

As a member of the National Free Wills Network, Sue Ryder is able to offer you and your partner the opportunity to make a simple single or joint Will with a qualified solicitor, free of charge.

There is no obligation whatsoever to include a gift to Sue Ryder in your Will. However, they’d be delighted if you chose to remember their charity or a specific Sue Ryder hospice (Leckhampton Court Hospice is so close to many of our hearts), knowing that your kindness will go on to touch the lives of many people through the care, compassion and expertise they deliver each day. Not a tall order at all really considering what they do in Gloucestershire and also this amazing service they help us access for free!

So this week I challenge you to reach out and start the process. Submit the online form now and get the job done. Chances are you’ll have to revisit it in ten years when your life circumstances are completely different and that will be the perfect outcome. But don’t let it be the thing other people wish you’d done. I’m preaching to you as if I have one ……. I’ve just completed the form.

Have a great week and let me know when you’ve done it. I can be your will accountability fairy.


This blog is part of a paid partnership I am proud to have with Sue Ryder, Leckhampton Court Hospice.


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